Roger Chapman – Hybrid And Lowdown (1990 – 2007)

FrontCover1.jpgIn 1979 Chapman began a solo career and recorded his first solo album Chappo. His backing band became known as The Shortlist at this time and he toured Europe extensively. Mike Oldfield’s song “Shadow on the Wall” from the album Crises (1983) featured Chapman on vocals and became a big hit. He appeared as a guest artist on the second Box of Frogs album Strange Land (1986) singing lead vocals on two songs. Chapman went on to record Walking the Cat (1989) and Hybrid and Low Down (1990). (by wikipedia)

And here´s is a more or less forgotten album by Roger Chapman … an maybe criminally underrated album, not only because all these very fine compositions, not only because this great gang of musicians in the studio (including Micky Moody on slide-guitar), but because of the wonderful voice of Roger Chapman.

At the end of the studios album you can hear a very unique version of the Everly Brothers Hit “Bye, Bye Love”

Inlet 01

On the bonus album we hear another hot live appearance by Roger Chapman and his band (recorded in Germany in November 1990) … oh yes this place was hot ! And you another chance to listen to Micky Moody and his magic slide guitar  on a tune called “Big River” (written by Johny Cash !)


Roger Chapman (vocals, harmonica)
Dave Courtney (drums on 08.)
Simon Edwards (accordion on 03.)
Chris Fletcher (percussion on 01., 04., 06.
Ian Gibbons (keyboards on 06.
John Lingwood (drums on 01., 02., 06., 07., 08.. 09., 10.
Mick Moody (guitar on 01., 04., 08. -10. mandolin, background vocals on 01., slide guitar on 02., 06.
Nick Pentelow (saxophone on 06.
Steve Simpson (guitar on 03., 06., 07.
Philip Spalding (bass on 04., 10.
Henry Spinetti (drums on 04.
Peter Stroud (bass on 01., 02., 06., 08.
background vocals:
Steve Simpson – Bob Tench – Zeitia Massieh – Sonny Spider


01. Hot Night To Rhumba (Simpson/Hinkley) 5.25
02. Holding On (Chapman) 4.31
03. Hideaway (Chapman/Simpson) 3.54
04. Beautifully Indecent (Chapman) 4.42
05. Sushi Roll (Chapman) 4.22
06. Someone Else’s Clothes (Chapman) 4.17
07. Chicken Fingers (Chapman/Simpson) 2.55
08. House Behind The Sun (Chapman/Simpson) 5.06
09. Sushi Rock (Chapman) 2.34
10. Is There Anybody Out Here ? (Chapman/Tench) 4.56
11. Cops In Shades (Chapman/Tench) 3.55
12. Bye Bye Love (F.Bryant/B.Bryant) 5.02
13. Beautifully Indecent (Chapman) 5.53
14. Sushi Roll / Sushi Rock (Chapman) 8.44
15. Someone Else’s Clothes (Chapman) 6.22
16. Moody’s Jump (Moody) / Big River (Cash) 7.04
15. Chicken Fingers (Chapman/Simpson) 8.44




Roger Chapman And The Shortlist – Live In Hamburg (1979 – 2004)

LPFrontCover1It was  1978 when Roger Chapman decided to embark on a solo career, a career that would prove extremely successful and indeed still is today. His first solo offering was CHAPPO, released in 1979 to critical acclaim. Never one to follow fashion or to look like a rock star, Roger appeared on the front cover wearing a red boiler suit under the guise of an Otis lift engineer. The album was a collaboration with David Courtney and featured several songs that would become and indeed still are firm crowd pleasers such as Moth To A Flame and the glorious Who Pulled The Night Down. Roger also paying homage to legendary American songwriter the late Tim Hardin with a superb cover of Hang On To A Dream. Touring the UK in 1979, both the fans and press enthusiastically received Roger`s brand of rock infused R&B, Roger Chapman was back and performing better than ever. At this time in the UK the punk movement was at its height and the British music establishment would rather spend their resources on the latest fad or fashion that support a veteran rock singer from the sixties who had never been one to follow the crowd or indeed the latest musical trend and quality material from established artists gave way to a plethora of new young acts that would grace the pages of the UK music press.

The rest of Europe on the other hand was a different matter, a chance meeting in Hamburg with a group of like minded musicians led him to appear on the renowned German TV rock show Rockpalast, a show that went out to over fourteen countries with a combined audience of over twenty five million, Roger was reborn and the fire reignited. A top flight backing band helped Roger release the single Let`s Spend The Night Together and soon his version of the Rolling Stones classic hit was also a hit for Roger Chapman, rising high in the German charts and once more the name of Roger Chapman was to stir interest and acclaim in the music press. The album LIVE IN HAMBURG followed in 1979 and was released both in Germany and England and featured such notable guest musicians as Tim Hinckley and Mel Collins. Included on the album was a cover of the Micky Jupp penned Shortlist which was soon to become a live favourite with fans and was also to become the name of Roger`s backing band. This was the album that would launch an extremely successful solo career …


The “Live in Hamburg” Album was recorded on August 28, 1979 at the Markthalle Hamburg(GermanyThe glossy sounds of Roger Chapman’s solo debut (Chappo) are replaced here by renditions that crackle with energy. This album, originally an August 1979 radio broadcast, pairs a hard-hitting band with Chapman’s gruff vocals, and it was demonstrative of Chapman’s dedication to his R&B roots with covers of Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Thanks to this album’s lineup of the Shortlist (Mel Collins, Tim Hinkley, Jerome Rimson), even the ballads rock. (by Patrick Little)

And here´s the complete concert on 2 CDs … What a night !


Roger Chapman (vocals)
Mel Collins (saxophone)
Tim Hinkley (keyboards)
Jerome Rimson (bass, background vocals)
Geoff Whitehorn (guitar)
Leonard “Stretch” Stretching (drums)
background vocals:
Helen Hardy – Kathy O’Donaghue



CD 1:
01. Moth To A Flame (Chapman) 5.52
02. Keep Forgettin’ (Leiber/Stoller) 4.59
03. Midnite Child (Chapman) 5.23
04. Who Pulled The Night Down (Chapman) 5.51
05. Talking About You (Berry) ( Going Down (Nix) 2.43
06. Shortlist (Jupp) 6.45
07. Can’t Get In (Chapman/Tench) 6.41
08. Keep A Knockin’ (Chapman) 1.07
09. “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” Willie Dixon 3:57
10. Let’s Spend The Night Together (Jagger/Richards) 5.57

CD 2:
01. Shape Of Things (Chapman) 5.33
02. Hey Mr. Policeman (Chapman/Whitney/Grech) 4.29
2-3 Hang Onto A Dream (Hardin) 4.57
2-4 Always Gotta Pay In The End (Chapman/Bain) 6.01
2-5 Can’t Turn You Loose (Redding) 3.58
2-6 Burlesque (Chapman/Whitney) 4.15




Roger Chapman – Chappo (1979)

FrontCover1Chappo is the debut solo album of singer Roger Chapman, released in 1979.

Roger Chapman, a truly original singer, songwriter and performer is best known as a member of legendary proto-Progressives, Family and Streetwalkers

In 1979, Roger Chapman launched his solo career with the acclaimed Chappo.

Recorded at Startling Studios and produced by David Courtney, the album featured songs that that would become and still are Chapman-related fan favourites, including Moth To A Flame, the glorious Who Pulled The Night Down and the superb cover of Hang On To A Dream (Roger’s homage to American songwriter Tim Hardin).

1979 debut solo album from Roger Chapman re-mastered from original tapes featuring bonus tracks, rare demos, and memorabilia. Roger Chapman, a truly original singer, songwriter and performer who today is still regarded as an icon of British contemporary rock music, is probably best known as a member and main song writer of the progressive rock band Family, which he joined along with Charlie Whitney, in 1966 and also the rock R&B band Streetwalkers which he & Whitney formed in 1974 releasing four albums. It was in 1979 that Roger Chapman embarked on his solo career with the release of his critically acclaimed Chappo inMarch of that year – recorded at Startling Studios and produced by David Courtney. The album features songs that that would become and still are live fan Roger Chapmanfavourites – ‘Moth To A Flame’, the glorious ‘Who Pulled The Night Down’ and the superb cover of ‘Hang On To A Dream’ – Roger’s homage to American songwriter Tim Hardin. When touring Chappo fans & press enthusiastically received his brand of rock infused R&B. All these years after the initial recording, Chappo still sounds fresh, vital and an accurate barometer of Roger’s future solo career direction. This 2015 edition, set for release through Madfish in a 2 CD media book, has been lovingly re-mastered from the from original tapes Roger discovered in his loft in 2012 by Pete J Reynolds. The booklet has been beautifully packaged with press clippings, official press releases & pictures, lyrics and features liner notes from Roger Chapman expert Pete Feenstra. In addition to the alternate versions of album tracks, the rarities on CD2 include two songs from the original recording sessions plus cover versions and an ultra rare demo version of the song ‘Talk To Me Now’. His idiosyncratic brand of showmanship when performing and vocal vibrato led him to become a cult figure on the British rock scene and is still performing live now.(by amazon)

This album was the start of a real great colo career !

Roger Chapman2

Ron Aspery (saxophone)
Roger Chapman (vocals, harmonica)
Ray Cooper (percussion)
Peter Hope-Evans (harmonica)
Dave Markee (bass)
Micky Moody (guitar)
Simon Morton (percussion)
Billy Livsey (keyboards)
Brian Odgers (bass)
Poli Palmer (synthesizer)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
Geoff Whitehorn (guitar)
background vocals:
Vicki Brown – Jimmy Chambers – George Chandler – Joy Yates


01. Midnite Child (Chapman) 3.49
02. Moth To A Flame (Chapman) 4.57
03. Keep Forgettin’ (Leiber/Stoller) 4.21
04. Shape Of Things (Chapman/Tench) 3.49
05. Face Of Stone (Chapman) 4.04
06. Who Pulled The Nite Down (Chapman) 3.48
07. Always Gotta Pay In The End (Baines/Chapman) 4.25
08. Hang On To A Dream (Hardin) 3.35
09. Pills (Chapman/Whitney) 4.29
10. Don’t Give Up (Chapman) 7.03
11.  Let’s Spend The Night Together (single version) (Jagger/Richards) 3.29
12. Third Rate Romance (riginal album session track) (Smith) 3.41
13. Higher Ground (original album session track) (Chapman) 4.57
04. Always Gotta Pay In The End (alternate version) (Baines/Chapman) 4.34
05. Who Pulled The Nite Down ? (alternate version) (Chapman) 3.47
06. Pills (alternate version) (Chapman/Whitney) 4.39
07. Moth To A Flame (alternate version) (Chapman) 5.03
08. Keep Forgettin‘ (alternate version) (Leiber/Stoller) 4.06
09. Don’t Give Up (alternate version) (Chapman) 9.45
10. Talk To Me Now (demo) (Chapman) 3.33




Roger Chapman & The Shortlist – Chappo On The Wall (1984)

FrontCover1By 1984 The Shortlist had a completely new look built around Geoff Whitehorn and Nick Pentelow. Tony Stevens (bass), ex-Streetwalker Brian Johnstone (keyboards) and Sam Kelly (drums) were drafted in and toured extensively throughout the year.

In the July German television broadcast ‘Lieder im Park’ (Songs in the Park) which was filmed at the FSV Stadion in Frankfurt, with Chappo sporting a new bleached hairstyle. ‘The Busted Loose Tour’ of Germany, Austria and Denmark to promote The Shadow Knows album and the new single RogerChapman01Leader Of Men began on the 12th October in Bremen and finished on 9th December in Berlin.

The concerts at the Metropol, West Berlin on December 8th and the Metropol, East Berlin on December 9th were recorded and released five years later in 1989 as Live in Berlin.

And this is a very rare bootleg (featuring the great Geoff Whitehorn from that period. It´s an excellent audience recording (live in Hannover/Germany) and maybe one of the rarest Roger Chapman recordings ever !

Roger Chapman (vocals)
Sam Kelly (drums)
Nick Pentelow (saxophone)
Tony Stevens (bass)
Geoff Whitehorn (guitar)

01. Bring It On Home (Incl. Peter Gunn) (Dixon/Mancini) 11.06
02. Shadow On The Wall (Oldfield) 6.41
03. How, How, How (Whitehorn/Chapman) 7.10
04. Mango Crazy/Toys (Whitehorn/Chapman/Palmer) 11.02
05. Let Me Down (Whitehorn/Chapman) 4.49
06. Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (Chapman/Hinkley/Whitehorn/Rimson) 4.02
07. Who Pulled The Night Down/Hit The Road Jack (Chapman/Mayfield) 7.13


The Shortlist (feat. Roger Chapman) – The Riff Burglar Album (The Legendary Funny Cider Sessions – Vol.1) (1982)

FrontCover1Family’s Roger Chapman is somewhat of a workaholic. His departure from Family only saw him tirelessly fronting bands under a number of other names including his own. This package of two albums released in the early 80s finds him visiting some of his favorite blues and R&B numbers. Perhaps it was an unlikely project given the state of popular music in Britain at the time, but considering that very same time saw Chappo nearly dominating the German music scene (including winning album of the year for 1981’s Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun), it isn’t surprising that he could afford to take the odd indulgent detour or two, including originally releasing these discs under assumed names. In keeping with the roots rock concept, the two albums were recorded and mixed with as little production drag as possible. With the aid of a generous selection of well traveled musicians, this would be a breeze. Considering that Chapman is regarded by many (myself included) as one of rock’s great vocalists, one might expect he would have sung all of these songs, but that isn’t the case: Geoff Whitehorn (Procol Harum) sings Cream’s “Strange Brew,” while Tim Hinkley from the classic Jody Grind lends his great voice to Freddie King’s “Big Leg Woman.” An impromptu jam by Hinkley and Whitehorn has the distinct honor of inclusion here, named after Hinkley’s assumed name, “Stovepipe.” In fact, these projects were born from a recording session of Hinkley’s Heroes.

Okay boys & girls: Let´s have some fun !

Boz Burrell (Ramblin’ Ray Rubble) (bass)
Roger Chapman (Sonny Spider) (vocals, harmonica)
Alan Coulter (Slacksin Klauter) (drums)
Tim Hinkley (Reverend Stovepipe) (keyboards, vocals on 06.)
Nick Pentelow (Lips O’Gonnagen) (saxophone)
Steve Simpson (Suede Soupspoon) (guitar, violin, accordion)
Geoff Whitehorn (Big George Heartburn) (guitar, vocals on 04.)
The Burglars (background vocals)

01. Free, Single And Disengaged (Smith/Vincent) 2.29
02. Can’t Stand It (McAllister) 2.57
03. Bring It On Home (Dixon) 2.58
04. Strange Brew (Bruce/Brown) 2.44
05. Slow Down (Williams) 2.17
06. Big Leg Woman ((Blackwell/Russell) 2.32
07. Stovepipe (Whitehorn/Hinkley) 2.10
08. High Blood Pressure (Smith) / 5-10-15-20 (Part 1) (Hill/Berry/Dorsey) 7.17
09. Havanna Moon (Berry) 3.38
10. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon) 3.49
11. Big Roll Daddy (Chapman/Seals) 3.45
12. Big River (Cash) 2.10
13. Lipstick, Powder And Paint (Turner) 2.31
14. Sing ‘Em The Way I Feel (Lenoir) 2.07
15. Downbound Train (Berry) 3.57
16. 5-10-15-20 (Part 2) (Hill/Berry/Dorsey) 4.15