Cloudberry Jam – Blank Paycheck (1995)

FrontCover1Cloudberry Jam is a Swedish pop group, active from 1991 to 1998 and from 2004 onwards.

The group was formed as an indie pop band in Linköping student circles in 1991. The music they played was described later as “guitar mangling”, but soon developed it into a style similar to Komeda and The Cardigans: a blend of Motown, the Beatles, jazz, easy listening, bossa nova and indie pop played with technical skills, with some melancholy and sadness. This genre was later called Twee Pop or Chamber Pop.

Critics often compared Cloudberry Jam with The Cardigans, almost always to the latter’s favor. Although the group had an overseas success (over 100,000 albums sold in Japan) they never had a major breakthrough coming back home. When vocalist Jennie Medin chose to focus on her academic career in 1998, the group was dissolved.

Jennie MedinA few years later, Medin played on the solo album The World Through My Eyes with songs by Jorgen Warnstrom, which was released in Japan and Sweden in the winter of 2003–2004.

After that, it was decided to reunite the group, then as a trio. In 2004 came the album The Great Escape, followed by Movin ‘on up, released only in Japan. (by wikipedia)

Formed in the town of Linköping in 1991, the group comprised vocalist Jennie Medin, guitarist Jörgen Wärnström, bassist Per Valsinger, multi-instrumentalist Henrik Sundqvist and drummer Per Byström; while their 1992 debut EP La La La offered a more faceless, guitar-driven lo-fi sound, their 1994 follow-up The Art of Being Cool began moving towards the fresh diversity of their best work. Blank Paycheck, Cloudberry Jam’s full-length debut, arrived in 1995, and offered a complete integration of the quintet’s myriad influences, yielding a bright, sophisticated sound topped off by Medin’s gorgeous vocals. (by Jason Ankeny)


Per Byström (drums, percussion)
Jennie Medin (vocals)
Henrik Sundqvist (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Per Valsinger (bass)
Jörgen Wärnström (guitar, vocals)
Pelle Henricsson (percussion)
Asa Hjelm (violin)
Kerstin Isaksson (cello)
Eskil Lovstrom (trombone)


01. Walking In My Sleep 3:08
02 Yeah! 2:26
03. This And That 3:08
04. Couching 3:45
05. Twice As Cool 3:18
06. By Your Side 2.:56
07. Intermission / Lost In Syncopation 1:45
08. Hold On 3:21
09. Waiting For Another Day 3:06
10. Someday Soon 2:17
11. Please Don’t 3:13
12. Monday’s Back In Town 3,29

All songs written by Per Byström – Jennie Medin . Henrik Sundqvist – Per Valsinger . Jörgen Wärnström