Ornette Coleman – Body Meta (1978)

FrontCover1One of the most important jazz albums of the 1970s, Body Meta arrived at a time when many had declared jazz to be dead, and innovations in the form seemed few and far between. During this period, some jazzmen, like Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, had turned to fusion, but Ornette Coleman, in his typically idiosyncratic way, found a different path to explore. Ever the trailblazer, Ornette unveiled a new band (Prime Time) giving full voice to a new style of music with BODY META, one he’d been developing and had dubbed “harmolodic.” Not only did he meld genres (jazz, funk, rock, R&B, world music), he reinvented the very structural template of musical laws. The cyclical, churning tracks on BODY META redefined the functions and relationships of melody, harmony, and rhythm, making them all interdependent in a completely new way. Coleman’s saxophone picks up where Coltrane left off in the late ’60s, and moves out into the stratosphere, egged on by the idiosyncratic guitar work of Bern Nix and pumping bass lines of Jamaaladeen Tacuma, not to mention the polyrhythmic percussion of Ronald Shannon Jackson and Ornette’s son Denardo. After BODY META, no one with ears could ever think of jazz the same way again. (by cduniverse) 

Recorded at Barclay Studio, Paris, France in 1975 

Ornette Coleman (saxophone)
Charlie Ellerbee (guitar)
Ronald Shannon Jackson (drums)
Bern Nix (guitar)
Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass)

01. Voice Poetry 8.02
02. Home Grown 7.44
03. Macho Woman 7.45
04. Fou Amour 8.37
05. European Echoes
All tracks composed by Ornette Coleman