Papa John Creach – Same (1971)

FrontCover1Papa John Creach is Papa John Creach’s first solo album. All the members of Jefferson Airplane also make appearances on the album along with members of the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Santana, and Tower of Power.

At the time this album was recorded, Jefferson Airplane had expanded from a rock group into something of a San Francisco collective of musicians and launched its own record label, Grunt, necessitating a flow of product. As a result, there was a flurry of releases by the Airplane itself and several offshoots, with each of these records featuring several members of the loose aggregation informally dubbed PERRO (the Planet Earth Rock ‘N’ Roll Orchestra). Papa John Creach, violinist for the Airplane and its spin-off group, Hot Tuna, was the leader on this set, which featured members of the Airplane (Grace Slick, for example, duets with Creach on the lead-off track, “The Janitor Drives a Cadillac”), Quicksilver Messenger Service, and the Grateful Dead. The result sounds like the Airplane records of the period, with a bit more of Creach’s electric violin soaring over the proceedings. (by William Ruhlmann)

What a line-up !

Greg Adams (trumpet on 01.)
Rufus Anderson (guitar on 08.)
Jack Bonus (saxophone on 01. + 02.)
Nick Buck (piano on 03.)
Dave Brown (bass on 09.)
Jack Casady (bass on 04. , 06. + 10.)
John Cipollina (guitar on 01.)
Bruce Conte (guitar on 03.)
Joey Covington (drums on 01. + 09., percussion on 04.)
Papa John Creach (violin, vocals)
Jerry Garcia (guitar on 09.)
Mic Gillette (trombone on 01.)
Bobby Haynes (bass on 07. +  08.)
Art Hillery (piano on 05. + 08., organ on 07.)
Paul Kantner (guitar on 06.)
Jorma Kaukonen (guitar on 04. , 06. + 10.)
Mike Lipskin (organ on 01., piano on 05.)
Stan Monteiro (clarinet on 02.)
Skip Olsen (bass on 02.)
Sammy Piazza (drums on 02. , 04., 06. + 10.)
Douglas Rauch (bass on 03.)
Gregg Rolie (organ on 09.)
Carlos Santana (guitar on 03.)
Peter Sears (bass on 01.)
Grace Slick (vocals on 01.)
Tony Smith (drums on 03.)
Bob Wilson (guitar on 02.)
Los Angeles Brass Section (brass on 08. + 10.)
Los Angeles String Section (strings on 05.)

01. The Janitor Drives A Cadillac (Covington) 2.47
02. St. Louis Blues (Handy) 4.36
03. Papa John’s Down Home Blues (Creach/Spotts) 2.31
04. Plunk A Little Funk (Creach) 5.11
05. Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 3.26
06. String Jet Rock (Creach) 3.46
07. Danny Boy (Traditional) 3.58
08. Human Spring (Reese/Spotts) 2.52
09. Soul Fever (Grayson) 4.10
10. Every Time I Hear Her Name (Spotts) 4.49



Papa John Creach – Filthy ! (1972)

FrontCover1Filthy! is Papa John Creach’s second solo album and the first with his band Zulu. The guitarist of Zulu would later be known as Keb’ Mo’. The band Hot Tuna also makes an appearance on the album on the track “Walking the Tou Tou,” written by Jorma Kaukonen.

Papa John Creach’s second album is a good collection mixing pop, jazz, R&B, and rock, Creach is only a modestly talented singer, but his violin playing soars, and there is more of that than vocals. Unlike his first album, on which he was joined by members of Jefferson Starship, here Creacb is backed by Zulu, a competent band, on all but one track, Jorma Kaukonen’s “Walking the Tou-Tou,” on which Hot Tuna plays. (by William Ruhlmann)

Carl Byrd (drums)
Papa John Creach (violin, vocals)
Kevin Moore (guitar)
Johnny Parker (keyboards)
Holden “Hoagy” Raphael (percussion, jew’s harp)
Sam Williams (bass)
Big Joe Turner (vocals on 08.)
Harmonica Fats (harmonica on 02.)
Henry Coker (trombone)
Joe Lane Davis (saxophone)
John Ewing (trombone)
Jerry Jumonville (saxophone)
Blue Mitchell (trumpet)
Maurice Simon (saxophone)
Hot Tuna (on 06.):
Jack Casady (bass)
Jorma Kaukonen (guitar)
Sammy Piazza (drums)
Hoagy Raphael (congas)
Venetta Fields (background vocals)
Sherlie Matthews (background vocals)
Marti McCall (background vocals)
Luther Waters (background vocals)
Oren Waters (background vocals)
Maxine Willard (background vocals)

01. Filthy Funky (Grayson) 5.19
02. No More Country Girls (Grayson/Horton) 3.42
03. Don’t Tell It To No One (Creach) 2.20
04. Mother’s Day (Spotts) 3.16
05. Walking The Tou Tou (Kaukonen) 3.16
06. Everybody Wants My Good Thing (Grayson/Horton) 4.12
07. Far Out (Spotts) 3.19
08. Give Me An Hour In Your Garden (And I’ll Show You How to Plant a Rose)  (Grayson/Horton) 5.30
09. Time Out For Sex (Spotts) 2.59
10. Up In The Alley (Creach) 3.30


Papa John Creach & Midnight Sun – I´m The Fiddle Man (1975)

FrontCover1Papa John Creach (born John Henry Creach; May 28, 1917 – February 22, 1994) was an American blues violinist who played for Jefferson Airplane (1970–1975), Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship, Jefferson Starship – The Next Generation, the San Francisco All-Stars (1979–1984), The Dinosaurs (1982–1989), and Steve Taylor. Creach recorded a number of solo albums and was a frequent guest at Grateful Dead and Charlie Daniels Band concerts. He was a regular guest at the, early annual Volunteer Jams, hosted by Charlie Daniels, which exposed him to a new audience receptive to “fiddle” players.

Creach was born at Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. He began playing violin in Chicago bars when his family moved there in 1935, and later joined a local cabaret band, the Chocolate Music Bars, and toured the Midwest with them. Moving to Los Angeles in 1945, he played in the Chi Chi Club, spent time working on an ocean liner, appeared in several films,[3] and performed as a duo with Nina Russell.

PapaJohnCreach01AIn 1967, Creach met and befriended drummer Joey Covington. When Covington joined the Jefferson Airplane in 1970, he introduced them to Creach, who was invited to join Hot Tuna. Although regarded as a session musician, he would remain with the band for the next four years, before leaving in 1974 to join Jefferson Starship and record on their first album, Dragonfly. Creach toured with Jefferson Starship and played on the band’s hit album Red Octopus in 1975. Around 1976 Creach left to pursue a solo career. Despite this, he was a guest musician on the spring 1978 Jefferson Starship tour.

A year later, Creach renewed his working relationship with Covington as a member of the San Francisco All-Stars, as well as with Covington’s Airplane predecessor, Spencer Dryden, as a member of The Dinosaurs. He also continued with occasional guest appearances with Hot Tuna, and was on stage at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1988 when Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna were reunited with Paul Kantner and Grace Slick for the first time since Jefferson Airplane disbanded.

In 1992, he became one of the original members of Jefferson Starship – The Next Generation and performed with them until he succumbed to congestive heart failure on February 22, 1994. He had a heart condition that caused bouts of pneumonia from continual fluid build-up in his lungs. He was 76.

Jefferson Starship performed a benefit concert to raise money for his family after his death and released tracks from their performances as the album Deep Space/Virgin Sky.

I’m the Fiddle Man is Papa John’s fourth solo album and the first with Buddah Records. The album was recorded after Papa John Creach left Jefferson Starship following the successful album, Red Octopus. The supporting band on this album is known as Midnight Sun, and had a similar lineup to Zulu on Playing My Fiddle for You. This album featured fewer original compositions than the previous album. (by wikipedia)

And it´s a real good one ! Enjoy the sound of the westcoast !

Papa John Creachwith Hot Tuna, Fillmore West, 1972


As young as this morning
As old as the hills.
Rising, falling, running, crawling. A shout and a whisper,
the black, the white and the blues, the colors of his rainbow,
torrents and mist, corn whisky and champagne, catfish and
caviar, Blue Monday, Black Friday, Sunday School and poolrooms,
Barbeques and banquets.
Pull the bow across the strings — my hat is in my hand.

Charlie Daniels

Papa John Creach (violin, vocals)
Mark Leon (drums, vocals)
Kevin Moore (guitar, vocals)
John Lewis Parker (keyboards, vocals)
Holden Raphael (percussion, vocals)
Bryan Tilford (bass, vocals)
Ginger Blake, Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman (background vocals)


01. I’m The Fiddle Man (Moore/Parker/Creach) 4.02
02. Stardust (Parish/Carmichael) 5.13
03. Enjoy (Freeman/Talmage/Robbins) 2.35
04. The Rocker (Parker/Creach) 2.37
05. Jim Dandy (St. Clair) 4.08
06. Joyce (Freeman/Martinez) 4.50
07. I Know Where I’m Goin’ (Gibbs) 2.35
08. Solitude (Delange/Mills/Ellington) 3.33
09. You Left Your Happiness (Williams/Triune) 3.05
10. Fiddlin’ Around (Freeman/Martinez) 3.40