Creation – We Are Painterman (1967)

CreationPaintermanFCThe Creation are an English psychedelic rock band formed in 1966 by Kenny Pickett (born Kenneth George Pickett September 3rd 1947 in Ware, Hertfordshire – died January 10th 1997) on vocals, Eddie Phillips on lead guitar, Mick Thompson on rhythm guitar, Jack Jones (born November 8th, 1944 in Northampton) on drums and Bob Garner on bass. (The first four mentioned had been in Mark Four, accompanied by John Dalton who had left to join The Kinks. Bob Garner had previously been in the Tony Sheridan Band.)
Their style was originally loud pop-art, similar to The Kinks and The Who, but developed into a more typically mid-60s psychedelic/prog sound.
At the end of 1966, Bob Garner left and was replaced by Kim Gardner, and in March 1968, Pickett left and was replaced by Ron Wood (both of these new members had been in The Birds), but Pickett soon returned, replacing both Phillips and Gardner. Shortly afterwards, however, Creation disbanded; but their music will survive … I´m sure … Don´t forgett their message: Our music is red with purple flashes !

CreationPainterman Personnel:
Bob Garner (bass)
Jack Jones (drums)
Kenny Pickett (vocals)
Eddie Phillips (guitar)

01. Cool Jerk (Storball) 2.18
02. Making time (Pickett/Phillips) 2.55
03. Through My Eyes (Garner/Phillips) 3.05
04. Like A Rolling Stone (Dylan) 2.57
05. Can I Join Your Band (Pickett) 2.14
06. Tom Tom (Garner/Phillips) 2.54
07. Try And Stop Me (Pickett/Phillips) 2.25
08. If I Stay You Too Long (Garner/Phillips) 3.21
09. Biff, Bang, Pow (Pickett/Phillips) 2.33
10. Nightmares (Pickett/Phillips) 3.11
11. Hey Joe (Roberts) 4.09
12. Painter Man (Pickett/Phillips) 2.51
13. How Does It Feel To Feel (US-Version) (Garner/Phillips) 3.02
14. Sylvette (Garner/Phillips) 2.41
15. I´m The Walker (Pickett/Phillips) 2.45
16. Ostrich Man (Pickett/Phillips) 2.56
17. Sweet Helen (Pickett) 2.59
18. Life Is Just Beginning (alternate take) (Garner/Phillips) 3.21
19. For All That I Am (previously unreleased) (Kahan/Friedland) 3.07
20. Midway Down (previously unreleased) (Wonderling/Shapiro) 3.00
21. Hurt Me If You Will (Lee/Phillips) 2.53
22. I´m Leaving (Pickett/Phillips) 3.31
23. Work All Day (Sleep All Night) (Lee/Phillips) 2.56
24. Going Down Fast (Lee/Phillips) 2.35