The Crome Sycrus – Love Cycle (1968)

CromeSyrcusLoveCycleFCThis psychedelic nugget wrapped within a lovely hippie album covers offers to an interested listener both conventional San Francisco psych pop rock, and also experimental material, proving that they were among the rock artists searching the boundaries of their art and style. The opening track might be a disappointment to a prog listener, but I enjoyed the more fragile following numbers.

The keyboard driven sound with much vocals and emotional approach also remind the sound of the Vanilla Fudge, and I just love that soaring acid guitar giving the solos.

The last song of the album is a 17-minutes long epic, containing some references to classical choral music, which then gets a sudden LSD-treatment. The composition is interesting, but not the most brilliant. However quite innovative among the 1960’s American garage scene, focusing to more straightforward muscial elements than complex compositional arrangements in my own observation.

I would suggest this album to fans of the history of early artistic psychedelic rock music and those deeply interested on hippie rock scene.

John Gaborit (guitar)
Lee Graham (bass, flute)
Rod Pilloud (drums)
Dick Powell (keyboards, harmonica)
Ted Shreffler (keyboards)

01. Take It Like A Man (Graham) 3.34
02. You Made A Change In Me (Graham) 5.29
03. Crystals (Graham) 3.00
04. Never Come Down (Graham) 3.48
05. Woman Woman (Shreffler)
06. The Love Cycle (Graham) 17.25