Daddy Longlegs – Oakdown Farm (1971)

DaddyLonglegsOakdownFarmFCThey are an American band, resident in Britain since late 1969.  Daddy Longlegs were brought together two years earlier, however, by a wealthy backer from Chicago looking for the best rock talent in the Sates.  He found Kurt Palmaki, the bass player, working in New York’s Electric Circus who was asked to play as many rhythms as he could using only two notes.  Kurt got the job when he passed the 20 mark.  Clif Carson, the drummer was discovered on the West Coast, selling the Berkeley Barb in the streets.  His previous work with Chicago Slim’s Blues Band got him the gig with Daddy Longlegs.  Steve Hayton, the group’s original lead guitarist was found picking Indian ragas for his dinner in a San Francisco curry house.  Like many urban Americans, the band reacted agsanst the neurotic state of city life by moving to a farm in update New York, gradually fitting their music together and developing the feel of American country life.  Later in their career they wainly tried to make the band work in New York before moving out to New Mexico.  Then came their move to England.  Moe Armstrong joined the band towards the summer of last year.

DaddyLonglegsOakdownFarmInsideA strange mixture of hillbilly and freak, Moe gave the band a feeling of humour and warmth, a feeling which has persisted even after Moe’s departure back to the States with his wife Joanie.  Today he runs a puppet show in New Mexico.  Steve Hayton left the band toward the end of last year, to be repalced with another American, Gary Holderman, at one time the guitarist for Roy Orbison and Bobby Vee.  He was on the verge of accepting a job with Pacific Gas and Electric when he got the call to join Longlegs.  A fourth member, Pete Arnesen on piano was added late last year.”

Peter Arnensen (keyboards, vocals)
Clif Carrison (drums, percussion)
Steve Hayton (guitar)
Gary Holderman (vocals, guitar)
Kurt Palomaki (bass, vocals)

01. Rubber Tyre (Arnesen) 2.44
02. Double Decker (Palmomaki) 1.53
03. Please Believe Me (Arnesen/Dean) 3.30
04. Lonely Way (Arnesen/Dean) 3.52
05. Sweet Louise (Arnesen/Dean) 2.52
06. Wheeling And Dealing (Holderman) 5.04
07. Rusty Door (Holderman/Palomaki/Carrison) 3.56
08. Gambling Man (Palomaki) 2.42
09. Clara Bell (Holderman) 3.36
10. Night Shift (Clarrison) 2.49
11. Moog (Arnesen) 3.40
12. Boogie (Traditional) 5.02