Roger Daltrey – Performs The Who’s Tommy And More (2012)

FrontCover1Paedophiles, messianic cults, sadism, pimping and prostitution, not to mention sex and drugs… and killer tracks such as Pinball Wizard and I’m Free, The Who’s Tommy rock opera was heady when it was released in 1969 and the issues continue to be headline news today.Unlike the more vitriolic and outspoken Pete Townshend, Daltrey probably preferred to let the songs do the talking. The result is a straight run through of Tommy – albeit very well performed – though some personal commentary from Daltrey (even if it’s an Italian audience) or even reinterpretation of some tunes [god forbid! – no?] would have lifted the show several notches higher.

Well, here’s one for those good times, as Debs of observed:
It was already clear from the buzz of excitement in the foyer that this was going to be more than a mere concert – this was an event – with fans of all ages posing for souvenir photographs in front of the advertising billboards. After all, this was one of those “you had to be there” opportunities to hear The Who’s 1969 album played live in its entirety, and sung by Roger Daltrey.

As the lights dimmed and Daltrey appeared on stage to thunderous whoops and cheers, and the opening notes of the Tommy Overture began, it became instantly clear that he had brought a stunningly good backing band with him (including Simon Townshend on guitars, looking and sounding remarkably like his older brother Pete).

Daltrey01Moving swiftly on through the original recording with no banter – It’s A Boy, 1921, Amazing Journey – it was also clear that Daltrey, who has been beset with throat problems in recent years, was in fine voice. Effortlessly charismatic and with his trademark microphone swirls, double tambourines and poses, he was clearly enjoying himself, whilst the enthralled audience was noisily appreciative – Pinball Wizard raised the roof – but curiously remained sitting, as if in respectful reverence throughout the whole Tommy performance, until very suddenly as the “Listening to you” chorus of the final track We’re Not Gonna Take It began, the audience got to its feet and there was a rush, en masse, to the stage for Tommy’s exhilarating finale.
Music fan survivor69 had, on March 24, posted a lossless FM broadcast of this show at The Traders’ Den. The downside of the FM version is that there is a lot of DJ talk (in Italian) between the tracks, especially on Disc Two (after the Tommy section). Meanwhile, at Dime, swisstapes posted his version of the show recorded from a lossy cable broadcast. swisstapes also made the effort to remove as much of the DJ talk as possible. The cuts, which add up to 11 minutes, are noticeable – in many instances swisstapes used fade-outs (with the DJ talking) and fade-ins to bridge the tracks – but the cuts are not jarring and they won’t hamper your enjoyment of the show.
Thanks to swisstapes for sharing the tracks at Dime. Thanks also to frikiepalo for the artwork.
Recorded live at the Auditorium Conciliazione, Rome, Italy;
March 23, 2012. Excellent cable broadcast Radio RAI 2
Jon Button (bass)
Roger Daltrey (vocals, guitar)
Scott Deavours (drums)
Loren Gold (keyboards)
Frank Simes (guitar)
Simon Townshend (guitar)
CD 1: Tommy:
01. Overture/It’s A Boy 6.20
02. 1921 2.55
03. Amazing Journey 3.26
04. Sparks 3.50
05. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) (Williamson) 2.17
06. Christmas 4.44
07. Cousin Kevin (Entwistle) 3.59
08. The Acid Queen 4.05
09. Do You Think It’s Alright 0.24
10. Fiddle About (Entwistle) 1.40
11. Pinball Wizard 3.25
12. There’s A Doctor 1.43
13. Go To The Mirror! 2.34
14. Tommy Can You Hear Me? 1.30
15. Smash The Mirror 1.27
16. Sensation 3.47
17. I’m Free 2.44
18. Miracle Cure 0.18
19. Sally Simpson 5.09
20. Welcome 4.13
21. Tommy’s Holiday Camp 1.12
22. We’re Not Gonna Take It 8.00

CD 2: Who Classic´s & More:
01. I Can See For Miles 4.29
02. The Kids Are Alright 3.05
03. Behind Blue Eyes 3.32
04. The Way It Is (Simon Townshend) 4.11
05. Pictures Of Lily 2.47
06. Who Are You 5.56
07. My Generation 1.20
08. Young Man Blues (Allison) 7.01
09. Baba O’Riley 5.22
10. Without Your Love (Nicholls) 3.15
11. Red Blue And Grey 3.34

All Songs written by Pete Townshend except as indicated


Various Artists – Humanary Stew – A Tribute To Alice Cooper (1998)

FrontCover1On this album, compiled by former Meat Loaf sideman and one-time Cooper touring guitarist Bob Kulick, members of metal’s biggest bands pay tribute to the artist formerly known as Vincent Furnier. New life is breathed into Cooper’s classic tunes as hardheads such as Alice in Chains ‘ Mike Inez, the Who’s Roger Daltry, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, and Slash rework (and add their own distinctive licks to) “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” and the anthem for graduating seniors everywhere, “Schools Out.” The most unexpected contribution, however, comes from former Deep Purple bassist Glen Hughes, who after spending most of the ’90s off the radar screen, wrings out a wickedly dramatic version of “Only Women Bleed,” Cooper’s dark paean to feminism.

See details in the booklet

01. Joe Elliott: Under My Wheels (Bruce/Dunaway) 3:20
2. Dave Mustaine: School’s Out (Cooper/Bruce/Duxton/Dunaway/Smith) 3:59
03. Roger Daltrey: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Cooper/Bruce) 3:40
4. Ronnie James Dio: Welcome To My Nightmare (Cooper/Wagner) 5.11
05. Vince Neil: Cold Ethyl (Cooper/Ezrin) 4:03
06. Bruce Dickinson: Black Widow (Cooper/Wagner/Ezrin) 4:47
07. Dee Snider: Go To Hell (Cooper/Wagner/Ezrin) 4:35
08. Phil Lewis: Billion Dollar Babies (Cooper/Bruce/Reggie) 3:58
09. Glen Hughes: Only Women Bleed (Cooper/Wagner) 5:43
10. Don Dokken: Eighteen (Cooper/Bruce/Duxton/Dunaway/Smith) 5:10
11. Steve Jones & Duff McKagen: Elected (Cooper/Bruce/Duxton/Dunaway/Smith) 3:58