Rick Derringer – Back To The Blues (1993)

FrontCover1This has got to be one of Rick Derringer’s most under rated albums of all time! I don’t really consider this a hardcore blues album,more of a Rock CD tinged with blues.

Blue Suede Blues will have you rocking out like never before,Blues All Night Long is a looong song with guitar playing to keep you wantin more.Meantown Blues is perfect in every aspect,vocals,playing etc. Sink Or Swim is another winner as is Time To Go. You can’t go wrong with this. Two guitars up!!!! (by Bill Smith)

This is jam packed with Classic Blues guitar grooves and superb guitar work from a true Guitar God. I’ve been a fan since his days with Johnny Winter and he has gotten better with time. Trouble in Paradise, Blue Suede blues, Sink or Swim, Unsolved Mystery and actually every trac is good to fantastic blues with a hefty helping of smokin solos throughout. My personal favorite is Time To Go, the last song.  Listen to the sound bites and give it a shot. (by Plank Spanker)

Rick Derringer01Rick has had a much more successful career in Blues than he had in the rock genre, and this is just another fine album to add to a collection. He continues to impress with his playing, and he certainly knows how to pick the right songs, and to write good Blues material. (by BarKat)

I didn’t know Rick was such a guitar virtuoso, his blues are of the fast paced Texas type. His guitar work on every song is just amazing, I recommend it for those that like guitar work. (by drsplash)

Again… it’s too bad people only know Rick Derringer for his Top 40 stuff that gets played to death. His blues chops are extraordinary, no doubt due in part to his time spent with Johnny Winter. Just his cover of ‘Meantown Blues’ alone was worth the price of admission, which was pretty damn reasonable too. (Peter K. Cudworth)

Rick Derringer02

And my personal favorite is without any doubts “Blues All Night Long”.

Listen to one of these underrated masters of the Blues-Rock guitar !


Rick Derringer (vocals, guitar)
Andy Doerschuk (drums)
Brad Russell (bass)
Kevin Russell (guitar)

01. Trouble in Paradise 5.08
02. Blue Suede Blues 5.19
03. Blues All Night Long 8.11
04. Mean Town Blues 4.08
05. Sorry For Your Heartache 9.48
06. Sink Or Swim 5.06
07. Diamond 4.59
08. Crybaby 4.01
09. Unsolved Mystery 4.58
10. Blue Velvet 4.22
11. Time To Go 5.56

All songs written by Rick Derringer,
except 04, which waswritten by Johnny Winter



Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer – Live In Japan (1990)

FrontCover1Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer knowing each other since the early sventies and both share an extreme passion for the Blues.

Nevertheless, both men have found their own, individual ways of expressing their passion.

This is a truly memorable record and a great chance to hear two real legends in action. The record has a mix of favourites for both of the guys and in particular there is a really excellent version of Winter’s Frankenstein.

Derringer is on top form and must be one of the most underrated guitarists around. Great fun – a must.

Rick Derringer (guitar, vocals)
Kevin Hupp (drums, vocals)
C,P. Roth (keyboards, vocals)
Charlie Torres (bass, vocals)
Edgar Winter (saxophone, keyboards, percussion, vocals)

01. Introduction 1.50.
02. Keep Playin´ That Rock N Roll (Winter) 3.54
03. Teenager Love Affair (Derringer)
04. Free Ride (Hartman) 3.40
05. Fly Away (Winter/Lacroix) 4.04
06. Blood From A Stone (Derringer) 8.03
07. Under Cover Man (Winter) 4.19
08. Jumo, Jumo, Jumo (Derringer)  7.17
09. Hang On Sloopy (Rujssell/Farrel) 5.46
10. Against The Law (Winter) 4.25
11. I Play Guitar (Derringer/Sloman) 4.29
12. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo (Derringer) 7.06
13. Frankenstein (Winter) 14.26