Dream Police – Messing With The Blues (1991)

FrontCover1Dream Police is a Norwegian band from Fredrikstad (Norway) , started in 1989. The style was hardrock strongly influenced by blues.Highly rated melodic Rock band named after the influential CHEAP TRICK album. CBS Records issued the ‘Dream Police’ album in 1990. ‘Messing With The Blues’ followed in 1991. Both singer Odd René Andersen and drummer Ole Petter Hansen guested on RETURN’s 1991 ‘Fourplay’ album.
DREAM POLICE guitarist Trond Holter would also be active, as ‘Teeny’, with Glam Rock outfit WIG WAM from 2001. The guitarist had formatively seen studio action on OLE I’DOLE’s 1985 albums ‘Blond Og Billig’ and ‘Popaganda’ plus the 1986 set ‘Idolator’. In 1989 he featured on EVENRUDE’s ‘One Size Fits All’ and then worked with US Pop singer TAYLOR DAYNE. Holter had also been involved with DAG FINN, featuring on the 1991 album ‘The Wonderful World Of Dag Finn’.
The band broke up in 1992 but have since the reunion concert in 2009 done some concerts every now and then. Members have done much differently in retrospect. Trond Holter has played with Wig Wam and is also guitarist for Jørn Lande. Odd Rene Andersen had continued as a solo artist. The rhythm section consisting of Ole Petter Hansen has played with several Norwegian and foreign international artists. (discogs.com)

Dream Police01

And here´s their second (and last ?) album:

Dream Police were another top-notch European melodic rock band from the early-mid 90’s. These guys hailed from Norway, and if i’m not mistaken, their guitar player is currently kickin’ butt in the band Wig Wam.


Released in 1991, “Messing With the Blues” was Dream Police’s sophomore outing. While the debut was equal parts Van Halen meets Treat, the follow-up is more of a blues inspired offering, not unlike Cinderella’s “Heartbreak Station.” I’ve read some reviews that crush this record as being uninspired and dull, however, I found that it’s pretty solid the entire way through. That’s not saying that there is no filler here, there are several songs that could have been quite better, but most are decent enough to rock out to. I enjoyed “Look For A Lover,” “Down On Your Luck,” “Bad Bad Bad,” and “No More Lies” quite a lot actually, while the rest wasn’t too terrible either.


If you enjoy European flavored hard rock from the early 90’s, you’ll definitely want to check out Dream Police. I suggest starting with the debut, but this record is too bad either, it’s all in how you like your hard rock served. (by Jonathan Weller)


Odd René Andersen (vocals, harmonica)
Ole Petter Hansen (drums, background vocals)
Trond Holter (guitar, background vocals)
Rino Johannessen (bass)
Leif Digernes (background vocals)
Lasse Hafreager (organ, synthesizer)


01. Look For A Love (Hansen(Holter) 4.05
02. Bad Bad Bad (Hansen/Andersen/Holter) 4.30
03. It’s Only Love (Andersen/Hansen/Holter/Johannessen) 4.14
04. Communication (Hansen/Andersen/Holter) 4.05
05. Don’t Let Go (Andersen/Hansen/Holter/Johannessen) 3.51
06. Brand New Car (Andersen/Holter) 4.14
07. Down On Your Lack (Andersen/Hansen/Holter/Johannessen) 4.45
08. So Damned Lonely (Andersen/Holter) 5.15
09. In The Monkey Hour (Andersen/Holter) 3.43
10. Woke Up This Morning (Andersen/Hansen/Holter/Johannessen) 5.40
11. No More Lies (Andersen/Holter) 4.11



Dream Police02