Candy Dulfer – Saxuality (1990)

FrontCover1Dutch smooth jazz saxophonist Candy Dulfer’s debut album, 1990’s Saxuality, made a splash both critically and commercially upon its release and helped propel her to global stardom. The daughter of saxophonist Hans Dulfer, Candy Dulfer had performed since she was an adolescent and by her early twenties was opening for Madonna and Prince. Saxuality builds upon these experiences with productions from multi-instrumentalist Ulco Bed that are equal parts Prince, David Sanborn, and ’80s Miles Davis. Although Dulfer’s slick approach here fits squarely in the pop-jazz vein, she was inspired early on in her career by such players as Sonny Rollins and Maceo Parker. Consequently, these influences help make Saxuality a more funky and engaging listen than many similar albums of the time. While not exactly innovative, Bed’s mix of programmed beats and synths next to actual instruments was fairly inspired and the album works as a bridge between the club-oriented acid jazz coming out of Europe in the late ’80s and the radio-friendly smooth jazz of American artists like George Benson and Spyro Gyra. Not only did Saxuality perform well for Dulfer, selling well over a million copies worldwide, but it also garnered a Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. ( by Matt Collar)


Ulco Bed (guitar, keyboards, bass, drum programming, vocals)
Candy Dulfer (saxophone, vocals. keyboards)
Fred Anindjola (keyboards on 08.)
Patricia Balrak (background vocals on 10.)
Franklin Batta (vocals on 09.)
Bobby Van De Bergh (keyboards on 09. + 10.)
Ben Herman (saxophone on 09.)
Wies Ingwersen (background vocals on 05. + 10.)
Hugh Kanza (background vocals on 10.)
Martino Latupeirissa (percussion on 07., 08., 09.)
Edwin Rath (drums on 03., 08.)
Michel Van Schie (bass on 05., 06., 09., 10.)
Dimitri Veltkamp (bass on 03., 07., 08.)

01. Pee Wee (Bed) 3.45
02. Saxuality (Bed/Dulfer) 4.27
03. So What (Davis) 4.54
04. Jazzid (Bed/Dulfer) 4.21
05. Heavenly City (Bed/Dulfer) 6.03
06. Donja (Bed) 5.17
07. There Goes The Neighbourhood (Bed) 3.55
08. Mr. Lee (Bed) 4.52
09. Get The Funk (Bed) 4.16
10. Home Is Not A House H.F.Dulfer/Batta) 4.10



Candy Dulfer – Crazy (2011)

FrontCover12011 album from the Dutch alto saxophonist. The close collaboration with Black Eyed Peas musical director and producer Printz Board forms the foundation of the daring new sound of the album (seven of the 12 tracks on the album were produced by Printz Board). For the other tracks Candy once again collaborated with Dutch producer and longtime guitarist Ulco Bed, who was responsible for Candy’s first major hits in her career.

Some reviews:

Instead of just playing it safe with one similar type of music all the time, this album notes a continuation of Candy Dulfer evolving her talents and bringing new ideas to her brand of music. After long time collaborations with Thomas Bonk, Candy went to Printz Board[of Black Eyed Peas fame] and has created a newer sound, bringing in some new reggae[Hey Now], funk[Electric Blue], and dance tunes[Crazy, Complic8ted Lives]. Those old school fans will be happy as well, as she does have collaborations with Ulco Bed on some new jazz and instumental tunes[No End, Too Close], as well as a funky tune with Chance Howard[Please Don’t Stop]. This album does have something for almost everyone that should keep Candy’s loyal fans happy as well as bringing in some new fans as well. (by Joseph C. Otero)

Although some of the cuts let Candy Dulfer’s sax shine through, many of the songs are suffocate it with heavily laden technology-produced sounds. Nevertheless, this album will make you move and dance if you have a pulse. (by Carol A. Cunningham)


Prinzt Board (all instruments, vocals)
Candy Dulfer (saxophone, vocals)
Moon Baker (vocals on 10.)
Ulco Bed (all instruments on 10., 12., 14., 15.)
Jan von Duikeren (trumpet on 14.
Chance Howard (synthesizer, vocals on 14.)
Mario “Tex” James (vocals on 05.)
Tim Orindgreff (flute on 03., clarinet on 08.
George Pajon (guitar on 05.)
Caleb Speir (bass on 09., 11.)


01. Stop All That Noise (Board/Dulfer/Deez) 0.52
02. Crazy (Board/Dulfer/James)  4.07
03. Hey Now (Board) 4.00
04. Flame (Bed) 4.21
05. Good Music (Board/Dulfer/James)  4.03
06. Complic8ed Lives (Board/Dulfer) 3.30
07. Calling Next Door (Board/Dulfer)  0.35
08. Electric Blue (Board/Orindgreff) 4.14
09. In Or Out (Board/Dulfer/Pajon/LeBeau) 4.14
10. I Do (Bed/Baker) 4.03
11. Rocket, Rocket (Board/Dulfer/Speir) 4.07
12. No End (Bed/Dulfer) 5.38
13. Open Up (Board/Dulfer) 0.27
14. Please Don’t Stop (Bed/Dulfer/Howard) 4.50
15. Too Close (Bed) 6.07