Various Artists – A Festival Of Brass from the Royal Albert Hall (1972)

FrontCover1The sound  of sucess as it rang out in London´s Royal Albert Hall, has been captured in this special recording that followed the 1872 W.D. & H.O. Wills Brass Band Championships.

The concert itself came as the climax of a year of regional elimination contests, in which more then 300 bands entered for a chance to compete for the supreme title in the London Finals.

The bandsmen´s individual musical contributuions were unified under the batons of

Harry Mortimer

Harry Mortimer

two of Britain´s most celebrated conductors, Harry Mortimer and Sir Vivian Dunn.

The former is well known to the public as a conductor of the world famous “Men o´Brass” team, of which City of Coventry is a part. This record features the first performance of Gordon Langford´s “New World Fantasy”, which is sure to become an item to be associated witht he maestro for many years to come.

Sir Vivian Dunn, a former Director of Music of the Royal Marines, conducts his own personal tribute to the principal guest at the Wills championships – the Mountbatten March.

Sir Vivian Dunn

Sir Vivian Dunn


City Of Coventry Band – G.U.S. Footwear Band – Ramsome Hoffman Pollard Band – Yorkshire Imperial Metals Band -The Silver Trumpets Of The Royal Marines School Of Music – The Luton´s Choir and Rhapsody Chorus (under the direction of Arthur Davies)
Harry Mortimer (conductor)
Sir Vivian Dunn (conductor)
David Bell (organ)

01. Fanfare Supreme Command (Dunn) 1.49
02. Crown Imperial March (Walton) 6.06
03. Ruy Blas Overture (Mendelssohn) 6.36
04. Prelude, Act I (from Carmen) (Bizet) 2.16
05. Halleluja Chorus  (from Messiah) (Händel) 4.14
06. The Moauntbatten March (Dunn) 3.18
07. Jesu, Jof Of Man´s Desiring (Bach) 3.42
08. New World Fantasy (Langford) 5.19
09. Little Lisa (Warr) 2.49
10. Gypsy Chorus (from Carmen) (Bizet) 4.04
11. Inward Christian Soldiers (Baring/Gould/Sullivan) 2.02