Echoes Of Swing – Dancing (2015)


Swing is not dead, infact it never left us. This is a real treat for intent music listeners. In the music of Avant-Garde jazzers such as Lester Bowie or Dave Douglas, one is facinated not only by their moderness, but also by their parallel respect & affection for the history of jazz. With the German-English-American quartet ‘Echoes of Swing’ there appears here to be a musical situation going in the opposite direction. As the band name gives away, Swing is the basis of their music. From there, the four of them travel along a winding path of musical mysteries, some of which Swing helped to form. And where the acoustic footprints have left their mark in such a productive way as here, it would be absurd to talk about music that belongs in a museum or locked up in some collection. …hard to believe but this music, with ingenious arrangements, performed ‘en passant’, elegant, inspired, has all the qualities to keep the jazz fans of not only yesterday content, but also of the jazz fans of tomorrow. (Tom. R. Schulz)

EchoesOfSwing01This extraordinary band take earlier forms of jazz and do radical things to them. It’s not done to mock or parody them in any way, but to coax out hidden delights and add a few of their own. It’s witty and stimulating, and it depends on the superb musicianship of just four players – their pinpoint accuracy of timing and tonal delicacy, not to mention originality and sheer instrumental technique. I know of nothing else quite like it. (The Guardian)

>Another outstanding album from this versatile and creative group: The excellent and detailed arrangements are performed with meticulous skill, infused with intense collective flair, making the quartet sound much bigger. With ist intriguing fresh-spin approach to the vintage jazz legacy and high standard of performance, this international quartet deserves high praise and widespread recognition. (Jazz Journal International)


Colin T. Dawson (trumpet, vocals)
Chris Hopkins (saxophone)
Bernd Lhotzky (celesta, piano)
Oliver Mewes (drums)


01 Hipsters Hop (Hopkins) 4.10
02. Gavotte I, English Suite No. 6 (BWV 811) (Bach) 3.00
03. CharlestonJames P. Johnson / Cecil Mack 3:42
04. Dream Dancing (Porter) 4:38
05. Diplomata (Vianna, Jr. (aka Pixinguinha) 3.0
06. Lion’s Steps (Lhotzky) 4:00
07. Ballet Of The Dunes (Hopkins) 4:58
08. All You Want To Is Dance (Johnston/Burke) 2:38
09. Sandancer (Dawson) 3:03
10. Carioca (Youmans/Eliscu/Kahn) 3:36
11. Premier Bal (Bechet/Dimey) 4:08
12. Ragtime Dance (Joplin) 4:05
13. Moonlight Serenade (Miller/Parish) 4:40
14. Salir a la Luz (Lhotzky) 4:13
15. Original Dixieland One Step (Jordan/LaRocca/Crandall/Robinson) 3.10
16. Dancing On The Ceiling (Rodgers/Hart) 3.45