El Chicles – Viva Tirado (1971)

OriginalFrontCover1This album was originally released in Belgium and it´s a funk bomb !

This is a very obscure European combo from Belgium – a favorite with grooveheads for years because of their unique mix of funk, exotica, and strange studio touches! In a way, these guys are kind of like a collision between Mandingo, Chakachas, and Serge Gainsbourg – with lots of nice conga work, breathy wordless vocals, funky flute, and sexy tribal grooving.

The infamous El Chicles under their real name (*). 8 out of 10 tracks are truly enjoyable. “Viva Tirado” Parts 1&2 have been compiled many times, “Ode To Billy Joe” is being treated wonderfully, “Caravan” by Duke Ellington sounds surprisingly fresh and the two break-heavy songs “At Nee-Ko” and “Drug Bay” are out of this world. No real funk tunes, but an insight into the quality of groovy European music form the early 70s. Big recommendation!

(*) They recorded during this period many records with other names !

What more can I say: Enjoy this rare jewel of music !


AdProduction: Roland Kluger for R.K.M.
Studio Madeleine
13, Rue De La Madeleine, Brussels

El Chicles … does anyone know more ?

German front+ backcover

01. Viva Tirado (Part I) (Wilson) 3.55
02. Ode To Billy Joe (Gentry) 4.07
03. Caravan (Ellington/Mills/Tizol) 2.47
04. At Nee-Ko (Sluzny) 3.48
05. Como Estas (Morales/Benatar) 2.45
06. Drug Bay (Sluzny) 3.40
07. In The Summertime (Dorset) 2.50
08. Nuts (Sluzny) 2.50
09. I’m A Man (Winwood/Miller) 3.05
10. Viva Tirado (Part II) (Wilson) 4.15