Expo´s Jazz & Joy – Same (1993)

FrontCover1This is a real strange project of German musicians featuring Peter Brötzmann on saxophone.

The Project:
combining the emotional and expressive power of free jazz with progressive hip-hop styles and virtuose rap performances – breathtakingm mindtakingm sudorific – exponential demands – exponential enjoyment. (taken from the original liner notes).

This is not my kind of music, but this blog is called “Many Fantastic Colors” and so I will add this color to this blog. This blog should be a presentation of various styles of music and so … this album is just another and new color for this blog !

Peter Brötzmann (saxophone)
Peter Kowald (bass, vocals)
Jürgen Kausemann (drum programming, keyboards)
Martin Kratzenstein (drum programming, keyboards)
Sainkho Namtchylak (overtone singing, voice)
Dirk Sengotta (drum programming, keyboards)

01. Ouverture (Kausemann/Kratzenstein) 4.50
02. Deadly To Your Ears (Sengotta/Kowald) 5.19
03. Generation Contact (Kausemann/Kratzenstein) 4.22
04. Pharmacology (Kratzenstein/Kowald) 4.39
05. Artcore (Kausemann/Kratzenstein/Sengotta) 3.03
06. Back Stabbers (Kausemann/Kowald) 4.21
07. Tambourine (Kausemann/Kowald) 2.28
08. Don’t Accept – Ask Why (Kratzenstein/Kowald) 3.56
09. We´re Getting It Together (We´re Not Making It) (Kausemann/Kratzenstein/Kowald) 2.14
10. Welcome Sengotta/Kowald) 4.03
11. Hahahaha (Sainkho) 0.07
12. Reverse Racism (Kausemann/Kowald) 5.08
13. Mixed Mixture (Kausemann) 1.48
14. Deadly Latin (Sengotta) 5.11
15. Underture (Kausemann/Kratzenstein) 4.42