Fastway – Waiting For The Roar (1985/2005)

FrontCover1Waiting for the Roar is the third album by the heavy metal band Fastway. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and released in 1986.
Waiting For The Roar is the final album really for Dave King’s “FASTWAY”Pure power with heart & soul. A must have for any Fastway listener.Just remember good bands need to change slightly to keep from sounding to much the same. All you have to do is listen and imagine.I was hopeing more bands could of taken this route because of the deverseness to the real classics and whats makes good rock from just noise.Just look at Led-Zepp’s final cut.”In Through The Out Door”It was different but very good. Oh, also Van-Halen did Keyboards in 84 .So That one pretty much tells a story of why bands need Keys.Back to Fastway to a great Rock Band that didn’t get the sales because of lack of promotion from Epic, mainly you can say Micheal Jackson stole all the budget and marketing them years.So this band didn’t fizzle they just got cut.Just like the Movie Eddie and the Crusers depicting a band a head of their time hanging it up till 20 yrs later to have a albums Re-released and the singer get back with the old band for tour.It shall be done on earth as in heaven because The World Waits For You Dave King and Fast Eddie Clark.Time to come home.These days you still hear time to time on Vh1-Classics Metal Mania Hour and Metal Radio.Thought I add this band is still on the map.Thank you & Rock On (by Gary Young)


Shane Carroll (guitar, keyboards)
Fast Eddie Clarke (guitar)
Alan Connor (drums)
Dave King (vocals)
Paul Reid (bass)
Terry Manning (synthesizer, background vocals)
Chris Thompson (background vocals)
The London Studio Orchestra

01. The World Waits For You (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll/Manning) 6.22
02. Kill Me With Your Heart (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll/Manning) 4.47
03. Tired Of Your Love (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll) 3.59
04. Change (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll) 4.45
05. Move Over (Joplin) 4.00
06. Little By Little (Manning/King) 5.43
07. Rock On (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll) 3.20
08. Waiting For The Roar (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll/Manning) 4.01
09. Girl (King/Manning) 4.05
10. Back Door Man (Connor/King/Reid/Carroll/Manning) 3.17
11. Doin’ Just Fine (unknown) 3.10