Gianni Ferrio – Lady Bossa Nova (1963)

FrontCover1Lady Bossa Nova In Italy’ – and instrumental bossa as well – an early jazz session cut by later soundtrack maestro Gianni Ferrio! This was the first Italian bossa nova LP produced. The set’s got all the sweet grooves you’d expect from a bossa nova date cut in Italy during the 60s – jazzy rhythms, dreamy instrumentation, and just a bit of vocals from singer Marina Moran – who’s the “lady” in the title, a singer with just the right gentle touch to match the spirit of the music. Players include Gino Marinacci on flute, Lino Cerveglieri on tenor, Berto Pisano on bass, and Biagio Marullo on trombone – and the work’s got a feel that’s nicely arranged, but still quite loose – that best extrapolation of Brazilian modes that surfaced in Italy during the 60s.

Arranged and conducted by Gianni Ferrio

Lino Cerveglieri (saxophone, keyboards)
Sergio Conti (drums)
Tino Fornai (violin)
Enzo Grillini (guitar)
Gino Marinacci (flute)
Biagio Marullo (trombone)
Marina Moran (vocals)
Berto Pisano (bass)
Anna Palumbo (harp)
Giuseppe Starita (percussion)
Maria Verzella (horns)

SanRemo1962Live at The Gianni Ferrio Orchestra: live inSan Remo (with Tony Renis on vocals) in 1962 with Orchestra Leader Gianni Ferrio in the foreground

01. Lady Bossa Nova (Ferrio/Fornai) 2.17
02. Barquinho (Leeds/Menescal/Boscoli) 2.38
03. Alba (Ferrio) 2.47
04. Non Mi Dire “Adeus” (Ferrio/Fornai) 2.02
05. Linea Del Ecuador (Ferrio) 2.42
06. Desafinado (Jobim) 3.23
07. Stanotte Come Ogni Notte (Ferrio) 2.12
08. Poche Parole (Ferrio/Fornai) 2.14
09. Ilha De Coral (Bonfá) 2.33
10. Un Desiderio Per L’Estate (Ferrio/Fornai) 2.26
11. Ao Cair Do Sol (Bonfá) 2.36
12. Samba Do Bom (Morais) 2.17

Marina Moran