Foghat – Road Cases (1998)

FrontCover1This 76-minute collection of live cuts from two live shows in Oregon during 1996 starts off a little ominously, in terms of the beat that the group uses on “I Just Want to Make Love to You,” abut Rod Price’s guitar carries the day and the group does well enough on the old blues-rock standard, stretched out to nearly ten minutes. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of variety in the sound of Lonesome Dave Peverett’s singing, which is good, but not quite good enough to sustain interest across over an hour of largely original material. The material offers some variation — the most attractive songs here are the Chess-based material, which includes “Chevrolet,” an undisguised Bo Diddley variation, but the group does better with originals like “Soakin’ the Bone” (itself a Jimmy Reed rip-off). The material is well-recorded, and fans of Rod Price’s guitar will definitely not feel short-changed by the mix or the mastering.(by Bruce Eder)

That´s what I call “fucking good Blues-Rock” !

AlternateFrontCoverAlternate frontcover

Roger Earl (drums)
Lonesome Dave Peverett (guitar, vocals)
Rod Price (guitar, slide guitar)
Tony Stevens (bass, vocals)
Kim Bullard (organ on 11. + 12.)

01. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Dixon) 9.54
02. Drivin Wheel (Peverett/Price) 7.21
03. Chevrolet (E.Young/L.Young) 4.21
04. Soakin’ The Bone (Peverett) 3.59
05. Sweet Home Chicago (Johnson) 7.48
06. Rock Your House (Peverett/Price) 6.06
07. It Hurts Me Too (James/London) 8.04
08. Bad Bad Lovin’ (Peverett) 4.13
09. Fool For The City (Peverett) 5:05
10. Slow Ride (Peverett) 9.23
11. Angel Of Mercy (studio recording) (Peverett) 5.08
12. Tear You Down (studio recording) (Peverett) 4.48




Foghat – WPLR Studios Dallas (1974)

FrontCover1A nice find, featuring the original core lineup of the band performing 8 tracks broadcast live on WPLR-FM, New Haven CT (the title is misleading, as the performance is actually from January Sound in Dallas, not WPLR studios.) The sound quality is superb, usually crystal clear. The performance was to promote their current album, Rock and Roll Outlaws, one of my personal favorites. From that record, they give us the title track, “Chateau Lafitte ’59 Boogie”, and a sizzling version of “Dreamer”. Bassist Tony Stevens left after this period to pursue acting, so this is the closing of that era for the band before their leap to radio success the next year with “Slow Ride” and the great Fool for the City album.

In addition to these 8 songs, we get three bonus tracks: “Honey Hush” live (also from 1974), plus two live tracks from November of 1972 in San Diego. The three tack-on tracks are nice, but nowhere near the high quality of the previous material. The closer, “Louisiana Blues”, is a cover of the Muddy Waters tune and is not available on any of the band’s albums. Fans of Foghat will be quite pleased with this boot. (by Skinnie Robby)


Roger Earl (drums)
Dave Peverett (guitar, vocals)
Rod Price (guitar, slide guitar)
Tony Stevens (bass)

01. Wild Cherry (Peverett/Price/Earl/Stevens) 4.53
02. Home In My Hand (Peverett/Price) 5.08
03. Dreamer (Peverett/Price) 8.19
04. Hate To See You Go (Peverett/Price) 5.33
05. Rock N Roll Outlaws (Cavaliere /C.Moore/W.Moore ) 5.27
06. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Dixon) 9.08
07. Chateau Lafitte 59 Boogie (Peverett/Price) 8.06
08. Maybelline (Berry) 3.41