Mulo Francel & Evelyn Huber – Aventure For Saxophone And Harp (2005)

FrontCover1Saxophone and harp – two characters that seem so adverse fuse to unexpected sound worlds: ballads and Bossa Nova, Tango and Valse, improvisations and melodies of the old Europe. Mulo Francel from Quadro Nuevo and the virtuoso world music harpist Evelyn Huber go on a magical journey.

Taken from the original liner notes:
“Aventure was a promising word in medieval times. It developed into the contemporary word adventure. You can experience an adventure on just an afternnon or in just one night. But a real adventure means much more: A journey full of wondrous enccounters that leads the hero through foreign lands and to enchanted places. The traveller will grow with the many tasks and cahllenges he has to pass. This adventurous trip can take days, weeks, years. In this spirit, we also understand the more then ten years of coaction of our instruments harp and saxophone as aventure.”

Mulo Francel (saxophone, clarinet)
Evelyn Huber (harp)

01. Angelo Del Gatto (Francel) 4.37
02. Canzone Della Strada (Francel) 3.58
03. Aventure (Francel) 7.18
04. Nordic Summer Song (Traditional) 4.35
05. Dillasdie (Huber) 3.55
06. Felicias Valse (Francel) 3.49
07. Wenn der Sommer wieder einzieht – A Little On The Lonely Side (Cavanaugh/Robertson/Welden) 3.55
08. Liebesleid (Kreisler) 4.33
09. Miserlou (Traditional) 4.49
10. Forest Of Fairytales (Huber) 4.48
11. In die Ferne (Francel) 2.46
12. Tristano (Traditional) 4.42
13. Sohnesherz (Francel) 6.12