Pete Gavin – Hard Times (1993)

FrontCover1Chances are good that country blues guitarist Pete Gavin might get confused with another musician by the same name, who likewise came out of the British blues scene. That was the drummer Pete Gavin, who worked in bands such as Vinegar Joe as well as backing up the likes of Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton. The drummer Gavin’s professional activities seem to have been winding down just around the time the guitarist decided to go professional, but they still have similarities in their early careers, one Gavin drumming in a blues band led by Long John Baldry while the other Gavin gave his all as a guitarist for bandleader and organist Spencer Davis.

Guitarist Gavin, who is usually featured on some kind of dobro or resophonic guitar, has been based out of Germany for most of his career, and indeed likes to be advertised as “Germany’s own British bluesman.” He is a native of London and began his career on the British folk scene, playing clubs around the Soho area as well as larger festivals. Until the ’80s he worked as a physicist and only dabbled in the music business.

PeteGavin01Once he threw himself into full-time blues, years of travel throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States preceded the decision to live in Germany. In the ’90s he established the Life After Blues Band with bassist Sir Charles E. Williamson, an American who hails from Connecticut, and Berlin-based drummer Uwe Laemmche. Gavin’s repertoire includes some clever originals such as the instrumental “Spaghetti Eastern” as well as a generous portion of blues warhorses of the “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” and “Big Boss Man” variety. (by Eugene Chadbourne)

Born in London, Pete Gavin began his career in the folk-blues scene around Soho – playing in Bunjies, The Troubadour, The Marquee and other clubs with musicians such as Spencer Davies (Spencer Davis Group) and Keith Relf (The Yardbirds). Later he played at larger British festivals (Reading, Glastonbury).

His day job (as a physicist) kept him away from the music business for a few years, but at the beginning of the 1980s he jacked-in his sinecure and started to travel and make music.

The street became the hard school for his amazing blues-harp and guitar playing, and touring in Japan, USA and Europe helped form his style before he settled in Germany.

PeteGavin02Now comes a man who, through years of hard on-the-road music making, brings an unrivaled authenticity to your stage.

In his voice swings not only pride and bitterness, but the unrestrained energy of a now-is-the-right-time feeling. On stage, this energy is transformed into music – resolute, at times uncomfortable and melancholy, but always going forwards. Pete Gavin is one of the best slide-guitarists living in Germany – discernable by the full pearly tone he conjures from his instrument. (by

And this is his first studio album … and it´s really time to discover the unique word of Pete Gavin … he´s one of these forgotten heroes in the European blues scene … Listen !

PeteGavin03Still a street musician …

Pete Gavin (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Claude Arthur (bass on 06.)
Haarald Bendzko (saxophone)
Jens Hunhke (bass on 03.)
Marcello Surace (drums on 06.)
Axel Treubrodt (drums on 06.)

01. Women (+Rhythm) 3.02
02. Love & Desire 3.20
03. Creeping 4.51
04. See In Me 4.27
05. Zoom Broom 2.55
06. The Notion 3.48
07. Hard Times 3.44
08. Love & Desire (Instrumental) 3.18
09. Big Bad Bernie 2.55
10. You Make My Hair Curl (Re-mix) 4.48
11. Zoom Broom (Instrumental) 2.52
12. Deep Blues 3.52
13. Moving In Berlin (Post Wall re-mix) 2.48
14. Hit That Nerve 2.47
15. Women 3.06

All songs written by Pete Gavin


SoldOutTaken from the Pete Gavin website