Denise Jannah – The Olympus E-System Song (A Olympus give away) (2003)

FrontCover1Another Olympus give away to promote their digital camera system “”Olympus E-1 SLR Camera”.

This time with song written expecially for this extended play CD called “The Olympus E-System Song”.

And it´s a real good song: a funky jazz-soul number by Denise Jannah:

Denise Jannah was born in Suriname, South America. With her family she moved to Holland in the mid seventies. For 4,5 years she studied Law at the University of Utrecht, but her love for music made her change her course: she enrolled into the Conservatory in Hilversum and completed her studies there, also earning her degree as a vocal educator. In 1989 she won third prize at the Internationales Liederfestival “Menschen und Meer” in Rostock, former D.D.R. In that year she also was offered an important part in the musical “A Night at the Cotton Club”in which she starred in 347 performances in Holland, Germany and Belgium. In 1997 Jannah was offered one of the leading parts in “Joe, The Musical”. In 1998 Denise Jannah and Marjorie Barnes were the leading ladies in Fats Waller’s musical show “Ain’t Misbehavin’ ”, (European Tour). She released several albums, of which three of them on Blue Note Records.


Denise Jannah performed 7 times at the North Sea Jazz Festival and toured the world from New York to Johannesberg to Japan and back. Up till now she has won two Edison Awards, the Golden Orpheus (Bulgaria) and the Bata Anastacievic Festival Award (Serbia).

Eddie Conard (percussion)
Randal Corsen (piano)
Denise Jannah (vocals)
Walter Muringen (drums)
David de Marez Oyens (bass)
Jeannine la Rose (background vocals)
Forrest Thomas (background vocals)
unknown saxophone player


01. Olympus E-System Song 3.42
02. Olympus E-System Song (instrumental version) 3.42
03. Olympus E-System Song (Latin/Kasseko remix) 1.50
04. Olympus E-System Song (Saxophone remix) 3.40

Song written by Denise Jannah