Various Artists – Deep Purple – The Family & Friends Albums (2004)

FrontCover1This is a very rare Various Artist sampler with music from members of Deep Purple through varios decades.

I´m not sure, if this was a official release (I can´t believe it), but I´m sure, that this is a very intersting sampler, because we can hear musicians from Deep Purple in many different styles and moods … we hear studio outtakes and live recordings …

For example the great song “Clouds And Rain” by Ian Gillan & Roger Glover.

We hear one of these Jon Lord masterpieces “Concerto for Group & Orchestra” (Movement 1 + 2 … listen to the exciting leadguitar by Ritchie Blackmore !)

We hear the excellent Steve Morse Band (“Take It Off The Top”) and many many more side-projects by the members of Deep Purple.

Roger Glovers collobaration with Randal Bramblett, taken from the Glover album “Snapshot” (2002) is another highlight on this album.

And the song “No More Cane On The Brazos” by Ian Gillan is …. puuh … surprisingly more the good !

So … this is your chance to listento the many sides of the Deep Purple family and their friends.

And of course we hear another live version of “Smoke On The Water” …



CD 1: Deep Purple & Family:
01. Deep Purple: Via Miami (Gillan/Glover) 4.46
02. Ian Gillan: Gut Reaction (Gillan/Morris) 3.34
03. Glenn Hughes & Geoff Downes: Don’t Walk Away (Hughes/Downes) 4.21
04. Roger Glover & The Guilty Party: Beyond Emily (Glover/Bramblett) 4.02
05. Deep Purple: Wring That Neck (live) (Lord/Paice/Simper/Blackmore) 4.30
06. Ian Gillan Band: Scarabus (Gillan/Gustafson/Fenwick/Towns/Nauseef) 4.45
07. Roger Glover & Guests (Eddie Hardin & Ronnie James Dio): Love Is All (live) (Glover/Hardin) 4.10
08. Ian Gillan & Roger Glover: Clouds And Rain (Gillan/Glover) 4.02
09. Deep Purple: Concerto for Group & Orchestra Movement 1 (Lord/Gillan) 16.38

CD 2: Deep Purple & Friends:
01. Deep Purple: Smoke On The Water (live) (Lord/Blackmore/Glover/Gillan/Paice) 6.04
02. Steve Morse Band: Take It Off The Top (Morse) 4.28
03. Roger Glover & The Guilty Party: When It Comes To You (Glover/Bramblett) 3.33
04. Ian Gillan: No More Cane On The Brazos (Traditional) 8.08
05. Deep Purple: Vavoom – Ted The Mechanic (live) (Gillan/Morse/Lord/Glover/Paice) 4.17
06. Ian Gillan & Roger Glover: Telephone Box (Gillan/Glover) 5.18
07. Glenn Hughes & Geoff Downes: Feel The Magic (Hughes/Downes) 4.02
08. Ian Gillan: Toolbox (Gillan/Morris) 4.13
09. Deep Purple: Concerto for Group & Orchestra Movement 2 (Lord/Gillan) 19.43