Barry Goldberg -Two Jews Blues (1969)

FrontCover1This is one of those late-’60s collaborations where I expected the world to explode when I put it on, and felt disappointed when it didn’t. However, when you get past looking at players in the band, and listen to the music, there are a number of wonderful cuts. Enough of them for me to replace the vinyl with the CD. “Blues for Barry And…” is Bloomfield at his best with a solid band behind him cranking out this slow blues you wish wouldn’t end. Barry Goldberg has always played a solid organ, whether with Harvey Mandel, Charlie Musselwhite, or out on his own. This is his chance to be the leader of an all-star lineup. My regrets are that it is only 35 minutes, and most importantly I would have liked to put all the guitar players together for a cut or two; they never get to play off one another. (by Bob Gottlieb)

Duanne Allman (guitar on 08.)
Art (bass on 06.)
Mike Bloomfield  guitar on (02 – 05.)
Barry Goldberg (keyboards, vocals)
Eddie Hinton (guitar on 01.)
Eddie Hoh (drums)
David Hood (bass on 01 – 05. + 08.)
Don MacCallister (bass on 07. + 09.)
Harvey Mandel (guitar on 06. + 09.)
Charles Musselwhite (harmonica)’
Soulville Horns (horns on  02., 03. +  06.)

01. You’re Still My Baby (Willis) 3.31
02. That’s Alright Mama (Crudup) 2.47
03. Maxwell Street Shuffle (Goldberg) 2.35
04. Blues For Barry And (Dedicated To Big John’s) (Goldberg) 10.15
05. Jimi The Fox (Dedicated To Jimi Hendrix) (Goldberg) 3.27
06. A Lighter Blue (Goldberg) 2.45
07. On The Road Again (Sebastian/Faithful) 2.00
08. Twice A Man (Goldberg/Ruby) 4.25
09. Spirit Of Trane (Goldberg) 4.00