Various Artists – Great Western Film Themes Collection (1974)

FrontCover1.JPGI like all these old classic Western movies …

Westerns are the major defining genre of the American film industry, a nostalgic eulogy to the early days of the expansive, untamed American frontier (the borderline between civilization and the wilderness). They are one of the oldest, most enduring and flexible genres and one of the most characteristically American genres in their mythic origins.

This indigenous American art form focuses on the frontier West that existed in North America. Westerns are often set on the American frontier during the last part of the 19th century (1865-1900) following the Civil War, in a geographically western (trans-Mississippi) setting with romantic, sweeping frontier landscapes or rugged rural terrain. However, Westerns may extend back to the time of America’s colonial period or forward to the mid-20th century, or as far geographically as Mexico. A number of westerns use the Civil War, the Battle of the Alamo (1836) or the Mexican Revolution (1910) as a backdrop.

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The western film genre often portrays the conquest of the wilderness and the subordination of nature, in the name of civilization, or the confiscation of the territorial rights of the original inhabitants of the frontier. Specific settings include lonely isolated forts, ranch houses, the isolated homestead, the saloon, the jail, the livery stable, the small-town main street, or small frontier towns that are forming at the edges of civilization. They may even include Native American sites or villages. Other iconic elements in westerns include the hanging tree, stetsons and spurs, saddles, lassos and Colt .45’s, bandannas and buckskins, canteens, stagecoaches, gamblers, long-horned cattle and cattle drives, prostitutes (or madams) with a heart of gold, and more. Very often, the cowboy has a favored horse (or ‘faithful steed’), for example, Roy Rogers’ Trigger, Gene Autry’s Champion, William Boyd’s (Hopalong Cassidy) Topper, the Lone Ranger’s Silver and Tonto’s Scout. (by

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And many soundtracks of all these movies became very popular, because Western movie themes are the soul of the western movies.

And this soul has been so beautifully infused in western cinema by western film music composers like Ennio Morricone, Dimitri Tiomkin, Victor Young, Elmer Bernstein and Dominic Frontiere, that time could never fade it. These western movie themes are as compelling and touching as they were years back. The ‘touch’ is always there. (by


And here´s a pretty good collection of 24  original Western movie themes, including many classics …

Close your eyes and imagine you´re in the desert … and in 5 miles you´ll find a saloon … with whiskey, an old piano player and pretty womens. But be careful: It´s a dangerous way, ´till you will come to this saloon …


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And one of the best Western movie theme was never used for a movie … I mean “Theme For An Imaginary Western”, written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown!

When the wagons leave the city
For the forest and futher on
Painted wagons of the morning
Dusty roads where they have gone

Sometimes travelinґ through the darkness
Met the summer comin’ home
Fallen faces by the wayside
Look as if they might have known

All the sun was in their eye
And the desert thatґs dry
In the country town
Where the laughter sound

Oh the dancing and the singing
Oh the music when they play
Oh the fire that they started
All the girls with no regret

Sometimes they found it
Sometimes they kept it
Ofen lost it on the way
Fought each other to posses it
Sometimes die in sight of day

Oh the sun was in their eye
And the desert thatґs dry
In the country town
Where the laughter sound


01. The Magnificent Seven (Bernstein) 2.03
02. The Big Country (Moross) 3.13
03. The Scalphunters Theme (Bernstein) 2.05
04. One Eyed Jacks (Main Title) (Friedhofer) 2.22
05. High Noon (Tiomkin/Washington) 2.54
06. Duel At Diablo (Main Title) (Sheldon/Hefti) 2.21
07. The Way West (Overture) (Main Title) (Kaper) 1.58
08. The Wonderful Country (Main Title) (North) 1.57
09. Hour Of The Gun (Goldsmith) 2.30
10. The Unforgiven (Main Title) (Tiomkin) 3.14
11. The Green Leaves Of Summer (From The Alamo) (Tiomkin/Webster) 1.46
12. McLintock (Main Title) – Katherine Theme (DeVol) 3.16
13. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Main Title) (Morricone) 2.27
14. How The West Was Won (Main Title) (Newman/Darby) 1.57
15. The Big Gundown (Main Title) (Morricone) 2.33
16. Hang ‘Em High (Frontiere) 2.51
17. Young Billy Young (Main Title & Song) (*) (Sheldon/Manne) 4.00
18. A Fistful Of Dollars (Morricone) 1.56
19. For A Few Dollars More (Morricone) 2.52
20. The Misfits (Main Theme) (North) 2.15
21. True Grit (Black/Bernstein) 3.51
22. Navajo Joe (Main Title) 1.50
23. A Professional Gun (Main Title) (Nicolai/Morricone) 3.39
24. The Streets Of Laredo (Slatkin/Heaton) 1.59

(*) Billy Edd Wheeler (vocals)



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