Greenslade – Same (1973)

FrontCover1Greenslade is an eponymous album by the British progressive rock band Greenslade, released in 1973, and their first studio album. The artwork for the album cover is by Roger Dean. The album has seven tracks comprising six songs and one instrumental piece.

Not long after the disintegration of Colosseum, Greenslade was born, with their inaugural self-titled album whetting the appetites of progressive rock fans worldwide. Dave Greenslade used the group to showcase his illustrious keyboard intricacies alongside Tony Reeves’ bass guitar, Andrew McCulloch’s predominant percussion work, and Dave Lawson’s vocals, all of which made Greenslade a quintessential prog album. The attention almost never veers from David Greenslade’s beautiful organ texturing, alternating between hard and delicate patterns while defining the album’s pure progressive sound. Reeves’ bass riffs are spatial and thorough, complimenting the keyboard runs when needed while falling in behind the music at the proper times. Although the three instrumental pieces (“An English Western,” “Melange,” and “Sundance”) aim the spotlight straight at Greenslade, the vocal tracks are just as worthy. The lyrics are of a simple nature, unlike Yes’ brand of fantastical poetry, and they adhere perfectly to the instruments, especially on the sincere “What Are You Doin’ to Me.” For this project and the rest of Greenslade’s albums, Dave Greenslade exchanges the jazz-infused stylishness of his Colosseum days for the complexities of a progressive rock realm, and his transition ends up being faultless. Bedside Manners carries on with the same rich, keyboard-led sound, while another member from Colosseum, guitarist Dave Clempson, joins on for 1974’s Spyglass Guest, in which the electronics were noticeably toned down. (by Mike DeGagne)


English progressive rock group Greenslade posed in Stanmore, North London on 25th October 1972. Left to right: Dave Lawson, Dave Greenslade, Andrew McCulloch and Tony Reeves.

Dave Greenslade (keyboards)
Andrew McCulloch (drums, percussion)
Dave Lawson (keyboards, vocals)
Tony Reeves (bass)


01. Feathered Friends (Greenslade/Lawson) 6.47
02. An English Western (Greenslade) 3.27
03. Drowning Man (Greenslade) 5.50
04. Temple Song (Greenslade/Lawson) 3.34
05. Mélange (Reeves/Greenslade/Lawson) 7.30
06. What Are You Doin’ To Me  (Lawson) 4.44
07. Sundance (Greenslade) 8.44