Nova Schola Gregoriana – Musica Gregoriana (1994)

FrontCover1The Nova Schola Gregoriana is a group that has devoted itself to the study of Gregorian chant during the course of the last forty(?) years, basing its work on the research of scholars such as Dom Eugene Cardine, Dom Jean Claires, Luigi Agustoni and Alberto Turco. The Schola has won international critical acclaim for its performances, with participation in the festivals of Paris, Avignon, Avila, Cuenca, Como, Pomposa and Arona among others, with concerts throughout Italy, France, Switzerland and Greece, and tours in Japan and the United States of America. The ensemble performed at the first centenary of the Congresso Gregoriano at Arezzo and International Congresses of Gregorian chant at Cremona and Verona, in additional to its part in the celebration of the sixth centenary of the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. In 1987 the Schola was awarded the Golden Orpheus of the Paris Academie Nationale du Disque Lyrique, Fundacion J. Canteloube. (by

Booklet01AHere we can hear very special edition: It was released on Arcade Records; originally this recordings were released as “AdorateDeum” (1993)  and “In Passione Et Morte Domini” (1994). This edition was released to support Medecins sans Frontieres.

And this is the story on Medecins sans Frontieres:

Booklet03ABooklet03BWe should listen to these beautfiful voices and we should thought to all the victims of war !

Alberto Turco, Alessandro Boris Amisich, Alessio Randon, Domizio Berra, Enrico Speroni, Franco Guglielmi, Giacomo Carniti, Gianlorenzo Maccalli, Giorgio Mazzucato, Giovanni Maria Rossi, Giulio Urbani, Giuseppe Fusari, Mariano Zarpellon, Nicola Bellinazzo, Olivo Damini, Renato Magoga


CD 1:
01. Anon: Introitus – Adorate Deum 4.05
02. Introitus – Da Pacem 4.37
03. Introitus – Dominus Illuminatio Mea 5.48
04. Introitus – Laetetur Cor 4.08
05. Gradualia – Dirigatur 3.13
06. Gradualia – Domine, Dominus Noster 3.25
07. Gradualia – Lacta Cogitatum Tuum 3.57
08. Gradualia – Laetatus Sum 3.18
09. Versus Alleluiatici – Adorabo 2.21
10. Versus Alleluiatici – De Profundis 3.20
11. Versus Alleluiatici – Deus, Iudex Iustus 2.53
12. Versus Alleluiatici – Laudate Deum 1.53
13. Offertoria – De Profundis 3.31
14. Offertoria – Domine, Convertere 2.22
15. Offertoria – Lubilate Deo Universa Terra 7.50
16. Offertoria – Lustitiae Domini 4.18
17. Communiones – Circuibo 2.09
18. Communiones – Dicit Dominus: Implete Hydrias 3.55
19. Communiones – Dominus Firmamentum Meum 2.28
20. Communiones – Qui Manducat 2.10
21. Communiones – Gustate Et Videte (Psalmus 33) 3.29

OriginalFrontCoversThe original frontcovers

CD 2:
01. Tractus: Domine, Audivi 7.59
02. Responsorium-Graduale: Christus Factus Est 4.08
03. Evangelium Passionis Et Mortis Domini: Passio Domini 34.22
04. Adoratio Sanctae Crucis: Ecce Lignum Crucis 2.55
05. Improperia: Popule Meus 5.04
06. Hymnus: Crux Fidelis 4.25