Guess Who & Friends – The Swingers CBC Winnipeg (1967)

FrontCover1“Here is a rare gem I received a few years ago and thought I’d pass it on. The story behind this is one of the descendants of one of the acts (not the Guess Who) had a copy of this show on tape and I ended up with this show. Sorry no info on how it was transferred. Great sounding example of the early Guess Who sound doing some covers and an original. Please enjoy the show, theklopeks!”

If you were to tune in to any radio station in 1967, this was the sound of a generation. Hopeful, youthful, fresh and edgy. Even in $ingapore in 1967, bands were forming and playing. Many covered tried and tested hit songs like the many covers The Guess Who attempted on these shows. There were radio and TV shows, band contests and tea dances where bands competed for popularity.

GuessWhoThe difference was in other countries the scene, even though strange and new, was tolerated and nurtured. It wasn’t the same in $heep City. Listen to the DJ of this Canadian show introduce the music as youth culture to be enjoyed. Those of us old enough will remember the lecturing tones of disapproval and how heavy handed the censors were here when they unthinkingly dismantled the youth scene all those years ago.

We neither have a memory of the past or a culture of our own. Everything is imposed, imported and inserted into the system. Nothing is left to chance. That’s not how culture is, but it’s how a factory would run.

Recorded live at CBC Radio, Studio 11,
Winnipeg, Canada in March 1967 and Jan 17, 1967. Excellent SBD stereo. Although listed as an FM, this sounds like a soundboard recording.



March, 1967:
01. Intro
02.  Teddy & The Thunderbirds: Let’s Go
03. Fern Rondeau: Call Me
04. The Guess Who: Bus Stop *
05. The Guess Who: Last Train To Clarksville * (Jim Kale sings lead)
06. The Guess Who: Bring It On Home To Me
07. The Guess Who: Tossin’ and Turnin’ *
08. Fern Rondeau: Love is Me, Love is You ***
09. Teddy & The Thunderbirds: Honky Tonk
10. Outro

Jan 17, 1967:
11. Intro
12. Teddy & The Thunderbirds: Tequila **
13. Del Wagner: Mary Oh Mary ****
14. The Guess Who: Daydream *
15. The Guess Who: Don’t Act So Bad *
16. The Guess Who: Stewball *
17. The Guess Who:: Act Naturally/Love Gonna Live Here *
18. Del Wagner: 10 Years Of Tears ****
19. Outro