Yuko Gulda – Mellow Sky (1984)

FrontCover1Yuko Gulda – The name stands for that often risky walk down the fine line between classical music and jazz. Pianist Yuko Gulda fascinates audiences with captivating, emotional performances of her intensely melodic compositions. Most impressive of all are Gulda’s interpretations of her own ballads. Her pieces are finely woven and graced by an occasional hint of Japanese musical elements.

Yuko Gulda is not only the wife of mastermind Friedrich Gulda, but a very strong part of

Taken from the original liner notes:

“What I like about Yuko´s music is primarily the fact that she is expressing her own honest feelings. Therefore her music is marked by a special tension, which makes people listen and keep listening to it. One feels she believes in her music, especially because her music is very intense.
I personally like “Ester Mitsuko” and “Locrian” best of all, for it is in these slower tunes where I really feel what Yuko means. I think she could make a record of ballads only, too.” (Benny Bailey)

This rare LP from Austria is a real highlight … everybody should discover this piece of fantastic music !!!

Wayne Darling (bass)
Bill Elgart (drums, percussion)
Yuko Gulda (piano, synthesizer)

01. Mellow Sky (Gulda) 12.38
02. Aus dem Schlamassel (Gulda) 5.59
03. Ida Lupino (Bley) 5.17
04. Ichi Ni No San (Gulda)
05. Ester Mitsuko (Gulda) 5.58
06. Gedicht, gedacht,… (Gulda) 5.23
07. Locrian(Gulda) 5.40