Various Artists – Jazz Is Where You Find It – The Extremely Rare And Unknown Bands (1998)

FrontCover1Although the main jazz centers during the ’20s were New York and Chicago, due to the traveling bands (which inspired younger players) and the growing availability of records, jazz quickly spread everywhere. Occasionally labels would take their recording facilities on location to capture local talent and this 1998 CD has some of the most interesting (and rarest) of all the territory bands. Included is the complete output (usually one or two selections) of George Warmack’s Orchestra (from Buffalo, NY), Roy Johnson’s Happy Pals (of Richmond, VA), the Foor-Robinson Carolina Club Orchestra (Ashville, NC), the Bubbling Over Five (also Richmond, VA), Harold Ortili’s Ohio State Collegians (Cleveland, OH), George Osborne (St. Paul, MN), the U.S. Naval Academy Ten (Annapolis, MD) and a test pressing by Frank Ward’s Orchestra (from Framingham, MA) that features the debut of trumpeter Sylvester Ahola.

ArnoldFrankIn addition, the best recordings by the Blue Ribbon Syncopators (from Buffalo, NY), Charlie Davis’ Orchestra (Indianapolis, IN), Emerson Gill’s Orchestra (Cleveland, OH), Maynard Baird (Knoxville, TN), Ernest Loomis (Butte, MT!), Jackie Souders (Seattle, WA) and Arnold Frank’s Roger’s Café Orchestra (Minneapolis, MN) are here. Nearly all of the 24 selections are quite worthwhile and this CD is highly recommended to vintage jazz collectors (who will probably not already own most of this material) and historians, both for its historic and musical value. A fun set. (by Scott Yanow)

This is a great record … and it´s from Chirs Barber´s personnel collection.

01. Blue Ribbon Syncopators: Blues In A Minor (1925) (Pate) 2.48
02. Blue Ribbon Syncopators: My Gal, My Pal (1925)  (Arluck/Cheifette) 2.54
03. George Warmack and His Orchestra: Shanghai Shuffle (1925) (Rodemich/Couley) 2.47
04. Roy Johnson’s Happy Pals:Savoy Rhythm (1929) (Johnson/Trent) 2:48
05. Roy Johnson’s Happy Pals: Happy Pal Stomp (1929) (Wyche) 3.18
06. Foor-Robinson Carolina Club Orchestra: Collegiate (1925) (Nrown/Jaffe/Bonx) 2.47
07. Foor-Robinson Carolina Club Orchestra: Rose Of The Nile (1925) (Duff) 3:06
08. Charlie Davis and His Orchestra: When (1928) (Razaf/Schaeffer) 3.18
09. Charlie Davis and His Orchestra:The Drag (1928) (Lillard/Bird) 2:43
10. U.S. Naval Academy Ten: Navy Girl (1925) (Klakring) 3.11
11. U.S. Naval Academy Ten: My Dream Ship (1925) (Owen) 3.17
12. Frank E. Ward and His Orchestra: Lots O’ Mama (1924) (Schoebel) 3.10
13. Bubbling Over Five: Don’t Mistreat Your Good Boy-Friend (1929) (Brown) 3.11
14. Bubbling Over Five: Get Up Off That Jazzophone (1929) (Brown) 3.24
15. Emerson Gill and His Orchestra: Birmingham Bound (1925) (Spier/Shloss) 2.54
16. Harold Ortli and His Ohio State Collegians: I Couldn’t Get To It (In Time) (1925) (Hall) 2.35
17. Harold Ortli and His Ohio State Collegians: My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll) (1925) (Barbour) 2.52
18. Maynard Baird And His Orchestra: Postage Stomp (1930) (Goble/Johnston) 2.41
19. Ernest Loomis’ Orchestra: Sweet Someone (1927) (Waggner/Keys) 3.03
20. George Osborne and His Orchestra: Brainstorm (1927) (Sanders) 3.02
21. Jackie Souders and His Orchestra: Every Little Thing (1926) (Spencer/Wolohan) 2:58
22. Jackie Souders and His Orchestra: Maybe Sometime (1927) (Nelke) 2:58
23. Jackie Souders and His Orchestra: Gonna Get A Girl (1927) (Simon/Ash/Lewis) 2:51
24. Arnold Frank and His Roger’s Cafe Orchestra: Black Maria (1927) (Rose) 3.05

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