Hevia – Tierra De Nade – No Man´s Land (1999)

FrontCover1.jpgJosé Ángel Hevia Velasco, known professionally as Hevia (born October 11, 1967 in Villaviciosa, Asturias), is a Spaniard bagpiper – specifically, an Asturian gaita player. He commonly performs with his sister, Maria José, on drums. In 1992 he was awarded first prize for solo bagpipes at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Brittany.

Possibly his most recognisable composition is the 1998 piece Busindre Reel, from his first album Tierra de Nadie. Hevia is known for helping invent a special brand of MIDI electronic bagpipes, which he is often seen playing live. The instrument was developed with Alberto Arias (pupil and computer programmer) and the electronic technician Miguel Dopico.

Two of Hevia’s tracks, La Línea Trazada and El Garrotin (single release), appeared on the cross-platform video game Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. His music also features in Walt Disney World at Epcot, just before the nightly IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show.

Hevia first came into contact with the bagpipes when he was four years old during a procession in Amandi when he was with his grandfather. It was there that the image of a man and his bagpipes had an impact on the very young Jose Angel. The unity between the pipe player, his music and the instrument seemed magical to him.

Booklet04AHevia then began bagpipe classes. Three times a week, after school, he took the bus to Gijon. Armando Fernández taught him in the traditional style and then accompanied him back to the bus. He arrived home at 12 o’clock at night and the following day practiced what he had learned in class so he hardly had time for other leisure activities. (by wikipedia)

And this is his debut album from 1999:

Though the cornerstone of Uilleann piping may be found in the British Isles’ colorful Celtic culture, the commonly termed bagpipes have ventured far and wide, making themselves quite comfortable not only in traditional and contemporized Celtic musics, Scottish weddings, and wakes, but in indie-rock, inspirational, world, and New Age styles. An example of the latter is that of José Angel Hevia Velasco and his release Tierra de Nadie. As a young boy coming of age in Spain, Hevia forsook competitive cycling for piping, studying the Asturian bagpipe with a master. Having played often and well since his boyhood studies, Hevia here takes up the electronic bagpipes as well as the low whistle, forging a highly polished and reflective blend with his band, which includes bouzouki, bodhran, violin, electric guitar, and electronic programming. Not for purists, Hevia’s beat-driven concoction will prove tasty to adventurous dance, New Age, and international music enthusiasts. (Paige La Grone)


Mari Luz Cristobal Caunedo (vocals)
Cristian Constantini (drums)
Tao Gutierrez (didgeridoo, percussion)
Jose Angel Hevia (bagpipes, tin whistle, tambourine)
Juan Carlos Mendoza (bass)
Javier Monforte (guitar)
Marco Rasa (keyboards)
Villaviciosa Pipe Band (bagpipes, percussion)


01. Busindre Reel (Hevia) 4.37
02. Naves (Traditional) 4.38
03. Si La Nieve (Traditional) 5.00
04. Gaviotes (Hevia) 3.41
05. El Garrotin (Traditional) 4.36
06. El Ramu (Traditional) 3.01
07. La Linea Trazada (Traditional) 3.30
08. Llaciana (Traditional) 3.26
09. Sobrepena (Prada) 4.23
10. Barganaz (Traditional) 3.32
11. Añada/Corri Corri (Traditional) 9.05




Hevia today … 2015