Higher Livin’ – A Tribute To The Music Of Uriah Heep (2012)

FrontCover1The collection that you hold in your hands was born from the immense admiration of Bassist and future Leader of Higher Livin’, Daniele Rossi towards this Band. A band that sadly has not gotten his due as far as praise and its place in Rock Olympus is concerned.Daniele, had the idea of involving the House Band of famed Club “Vivere Su”, i.e himself, Fabio Baruzzo on Guitar, Pierga Dettori on Drums and charming Vocalist Claudia Dani in his project, but in order to recreate the original sound of Heep consisting of a solid Rhythm base sustained by a deep Hammond organ and a nimble guitar switching swiftly from lead to back to support the Vocal harmonics of the Group, he needed his Ken Hensley. After countless efforts , Daniele finally found his man in Stefano Toni that in his old Band Butterfly’s Tail proposed several pieces of Uriah Heep, mainly due to the love of said band’s Vocalist Thor Bertolucci for David Byron. Obviously Daniele did not miss the opportunity to bring on board Thor adding further spices to the powerful vocal mix.All of Logo1them finally together , they proceded to organize the first “Heep Night”( and that’s where due to mere chance I got involved), that was held at “Vivere Su” on January 27 2011. Being among the public to celebrate my 49th birthday, I had the honour to be called on stage to aid in the presentation of this band that right from the word Go, showed to everybody that they had all it takes to be a real powerhouse. Several other concerts followed until they realized that they needed to leave to posterity something from this wonderful experience.From this primal need stems the cd that you are now holding in your hands, an album that on top of the pieces performed by the “Core Group”, can call on the superb interpretation of Vocalist Extraordinaire Jon Binder on Corridors of Madness, the only song that cannot count on the help that comes from being on the classic and better known albums from the Byron and Lawton periods.Please try to appreciate the effort from the band to record everything Live without overdubs, in order to try to recreate the magic of those concerts. (by Steve The Rock)

Fabio Baruzzo (guitar)
Tor Bertolucci (vocals)
Claudia Dani (vocals)
Pierga Dettori (drums,  vocals)
Daniele Rossi (bass, vocals)
Stefano Toni (keyboards)


01. Bird Of Prey (Hensley/Byron/Box/Newton) 3.53
02. Sweet Lorraine (Box/Byron/Thain) 4.34
03. Corridors Of Madness (Box/Lanzon) 5.32
04. Sunrise (Hensley) 4.16
05. Wise Man (Hensley) 4.29
06. Free ‘n Easy (Box/Lawton) 2.16
07. Gypsy (Box/Byron) 4.20
08. Rain (Hensley) 4.20
09. July Morning (Byron/Hensley) 8.32