Colin Hodgkinson Group – Backdoor Too ! (2008)

FrontCover1Although this album is credited to the Colin Hodgkinson Group, as its title, Backdoor Too!, suggests, it represents a return to the instrumentation and musical approach of Hodgkinson’s 1970s jazz-rock instrumental trio, Back Door. In fact, as he explains in the liner notes, the new group grew out of reunions of the old one. Specifically, original Back Door members Hodgkinson (bass), Ron Aspery (saxophone/keyboards), and Tony Hicks (drums) reunited for the album Askin’ the Way in 2003, but Aspery died at the end of that year. Hicks found a replacement for Aspery in Rod Mason, but then Hicks died in September 2006. Hodgkinson, who had been writing material for the reunited Back Door, decided to continue the project with Mason, and they added drummer Paul Robinson. On Backdoor Too!, they re-recorded old Back Door numbers including “The Spoiler” and “The Bed Creaks Louder,” along with new tunes mostly written by Hodgkinson. That spare sound of three instruments — electric bass, drums, and either soprano or alto saxophone (with occasional piano overdubs by Mason) — recalls Back Door, although Hodgkinson is less leader and more group member this time, despite taking greater prominence in the band name. He does remind listeners of who’s in charge at the end, however, performing the final track, “Sunshine on the Tongue,” by himself. (by William Ruhlmann)

In other words: This is a firework of unique and brilliant musical ideas and sounds ! Everyone who ist interersted in high-class jazz should listen !


Colin Hodgkinson (bass)
Rod Mason (saxophone, piano)
Paul Robinson (drums, percussion)


01. Who Said That? (Hodgkinson) 3.03
02. Have You Been There? (Hodgkinson/Mason) 5.39
03. The Spoiler (Aspery/Hodgkinson) 3.49
04. Blakey (Mason) 3.47
05. The Bed Creaks Louder (Aspery/Hodgkinson) 2.54
06. Paicesetter (Hodgkinson) 4.42
07. Starlite By Sea (Hodgkinson/Mason) 2.32
08. Like You Do (Aspery/Hodgkinson) 3.41
09. Dear Aretha (Hodgkinson/Mason) 4.15
10. Bop That Bird (Hodgkinson) 2.58
11. Sunshine On The Tongue (Hodgkinson) 2.39


Spencer Davis – Live Together (1984)

FrontCover1A 1984 performance in Germany by Spencer Davis, reunited with his former drummer Pete York and with bassist extraordinaire Colin Hodgkinson. “Live Together” isn’t an especially accomplished Spencer Davis live recording, but it’s a very affable one: Pete York banters with his audience in German throughout the set, and it’s clear that everyone’s enjoying themselves. Hodgkinson’s finest bass work has always been in his blues covers, and it’s shown to fine effect here in “Walking Blues” and “Sliding Delta Blues”; Davis himself turns in some tasteful guitar work in a pensive rendition of “Trouble in Mind.” But the undeniable highlight is “I’m a Man.” It’s a hard one to go wrong with by any band, as it’s a song simply incapable of not being rousing when played live. Still, Davis’s washes of electric guitar and the insistent pounding by York make this version particularly worthy. (by Paul Collins)

LabelAThis was the first CD – as far as I remember –  I ever bought. Inak Records released a viny edition, too, but the viny edition included not all songs from this great concert (listen to one of the finest bass player in the world: Colin Hodgkinson !).

Spencer Davis (guitar, vocals)
Colin Hodkginson (bass, vocals)
Pete York (drums, vocals)

01. Keep On Running (Edwards) 6.02
02. Midnight Special (Traditional) 4.26
03. Walking Blues (Johnson) 6.18
04. Mistakes (Feldman) 3.24
05. Sliding Delta (Hurt) 3.43
06. I’m A Man (Miller/Davis/Winwood) 6.43
07. Crossfire (Holler/Careaga) 3.51
08. Blood Runs Hot (Samsel) 3.15
09. Trouble In Mind (Traditional) 5.53
10. Somebody Help Me (Edwards) 7.27
11. Don’t Leave Me (York) 7.40
12. Tulsa Time (Flower) 4.25
13. Gimme Some Lovin’ (M. Winwood/Davis/Winwood) 5.48
14. Muddy Waters (Babcock) 4.51