Hollywood Studio Orchestra – The James Bond Themes (1998)

FrontCover1The James Bond Story is very familiar universally. The most popular series of of movies in the history of filmmaking, based on the character by novelist Ian Flemming, the Bond films have captivated audiences for well over four decades.

The music of the films has been distinctive, and much admired. The individual movie theme songs are always guaranteed hit singles across the world, and of course John Barry´s scores, and Monty Newman´s “James Bond Theme” are as important as the various Bond leading men themselves.

This is low budget production but a real good one. Enjoy the music of all these classic movies …

The Hollywood Studio Orchestra

01. James Bond Theme (Newman) 2.56
02. Goldfinger (Barry(Bricusse/Newley) 2.49
03. License To Kill (Walden/Cohen/Afansieff) 3.25
04. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Barry) 3.34
05. Thunderball (Barry/Black) 2.43
06. Live And Let Die (McCartney) 3.17
07. Under The Mango Tree (Norman) 2.57
08. Nobody Does It Better (Hamlisch/Sager) 4.58
09. The Man With The Golden Gun (Barry/Black) 2.39
10. You Only Live Twice (Barry/Bricusse) 3.05
11. Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Barry/Bricusse) 2.20
12. The Living Daylights (Barry/Waaktaar) 4.36
13. From Russia With Love (Bart) 3.44
14. All Time High (Barry/Rice) 3.01
15. Moonraker (Barry/David) 2.32
16. Casino Royale (Bacharach/David) 2.39
17. A View To A Kill (Barry/Le Bon/Rhodes/Taylor) 3.49
18. Diamonds Are Forever (Barry/Black) 3.36