I Muvrini – A tè Corsica – Spiritual songs from Corsica (2011)

FrontCover1I Muvrini is a Corsican folk music group who sing traditional Corsican music in their native Corsican language.

The group was formed in the early 1980s by the brothers Jean-François Bernardini and Alain Bernardini who were born in the village of Tagliu-Isulacciu in the north of Corsica. They are named after a type of wild sheep which live in the mountains of Corsica.

The Bernardini brothers were introduced to traditional Corsican music at an early age by their father, Ghjuliu, who was a well-known poet and singer. They recorded their first single with their father in collaboration with the group Canta u Populu Corsu. Ghjuliu Bernardini died in December 1977 and I Muvrini’s first album, I Muvrini … ti ringrazianu, which was released in 1979, was dedicated to their father’s memory.

In 2000, I Muvrini joined up with Sting to record their most famous song, “Terre d’Oru” (English: Fields of Gold).

Throughout their career they have promoted the Corsican language and culture, much like the work pioneered by Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses. (by wikipedia)

This is an album that was especially produced for the German market, becaus you´ll find German translation of their original lyrics.

And: it´s a wonderful piece of a thing I called “world music” … you should discover the magic of this music !

Alain Bernardini (vocals)
Jean François Bernardini (vocals)
Stéphane Mangiantini (vocals)

01. Salve sancta parens (J.F.Bernardini)  2.42
2. Vegu nant’à issu chjarasgiu (Traditional) 2.06
03. Kyrie (Traditional) 3.24
04. Ecco bella (Traditional) 3.45
5. A tè Corsica  (J.F.Bernardini) 5.27
06. Lode di u sepolcru (Traditional) 2.42
07. Terzetti di u piuvanu (J.F.Bernardini) 2.43
08. O salutaris (Traditional) 4.08
09. Terra (J.F.Bernardini) 3.57
10. Una antra matina (J.F.Bernardini/Thiers) 4.28
11. Un so micca venuti (J.F.Bernardini) 3.43
12. Requiem (Traditional) 2.59
13. A morte di Filicone (Traditional) 3.55
14. Agnus dei  (Traditional) 3.24
15. Alma (J.F.Bernardini/Anot) 4.51
16. Barbara Furtuna (G.Bernardini) 3.07
17. Beata Funtanella (G.Bernardini) 3.42
18. Diu vi salvi Regina (Traditional) 4.54