Various Artists – Jazz Goes To Kur `95 (1995)

FrontCover1Bad Wörishofen (German pronunciation: [ˈvøːʁɪsˌhoːfə̆n]) is a spa town in the district Unterallgäu, Bavaria, Germany, known for the water-cure (hydrotherapy) developed by Sebastian Kneipp (* 1821, † 1897), a Catholic priest, who lived there for 42 years. Many of the resort hotels and boarding-houses in Bad Wörishofen offer their guests treatment using Kneipp’s methods.

The new spa complex out of town is called Therme Bad Wörishofen. Time Magazine called the city “The secret capital of health”. (by wikipedia)


But Bad Wörishofen is more … Since many years they had their own jazzfestival and this is a Live CD from the festival in 1995. Great musicians like Klaus Ignatzek, Pete York, Wolfgang Lackerschmid oder Jiggs Whigman … discover this music …. it´s jazz in very fine way !



Klaus Ignatzek Quintett:

Gustavo Bergalli (trumpet)
Klaus Ignatzek (piano)
Jean-Louis Rasseinfosse (bass)
Claudio Roditi (trumpet)
Chip White (drums)

Pete York Band:
Heinz Fromeier (piano)
Stefan Holstein (saxophone, clarinet)
Rocky Knauer (bass)
Wolfgang Lackerschmid (vibraphone)
Pete York (drums)

Masha Bijlsma Band:
Dries Bijlsma (drums)
Masha Bijlsma (vocals)
Ge Bijvoet (piano)
Eric van der Westen (bass)

Jiggs Whigham & Walter Norris:
Walter Norris (piano)
Jiggs Whigham (trombone)

Jiggs Whigham


Klaus Ignatzek Qunitet:
01. New Surprise (Ignatzek) 10.56
02. A fonte da Sadage (Roditi) 11.35

Pete York Band:
03. One More Life (Lackerschmid) 10.1004. Avalon (Jolson/Rose) 7.39

Masha Bijlsma Band:
05. I Mean You (Monk) 2.15
06. Le vie en Rose (Piaf) 7.20
07. Moonglow (Hudson/Lange/Mills) 7.27

Jiggs Whigham & Walter Norris:
08. Body And Soul (Green) 5.00
09. Take The Coltrane (Ellington) 7.33
10. Afterthoughts (Norris) 5.27