Various Artists – Good Whiskey Blues – Tennessee Vol. 1 (1992)

FrontCover1.jpgThe concept of TALKING WITH THE BLUES is based on a view of the various US states as blues regions. Even casual blues listeners are familiar with the fact that there is Chicago Blues or Mississippi Blues and the gripping social history of the music is very much marked by its geography. But there is much more that just those two places and to this day blues music stays committed to local styles. Moreover, many US states are endowed with a unique cultural identity grown out of the prevailing social, historical and ethnic realities. Reflections of these specific identities are also expressed in the blues.

Contemporary American blues practice is not limited to just a handful of states and comes in many shapes and colors. Blues is part of everyday culture and people from all walks of life choose it as their favorite soundtrack for social activities. Blues culture can be found in many places, especially in the network-like multitude of bars, live music clubs and juke joints. These blues strongholds are mostly dominated by local heroes who do not lag behind when compared with the big names of the business. Many of these contemporary and still to be discovered artists are the cornerstones of this anthology.


The notion of a recurring blues renaissance in the US is misleading and deceptive inasmuch as the blues has never disappeared. The infrastructure of the blues scene is not based upon the music industry’s PR efforts but kept alive by the inherent qualities of the music and the profound dedication of blues lovers all over the country. Good blues does not have an expiration date. Blues is soulful, emotional, direct and intense. The best of contemporary blues is blessed with the special kind of truthfulness that can turn the affairs of everyday life into something special. These are features which seem to have more or less disappeared from the world of modern pop music.

Neglecting the theoretical baggage of blues scholarship TAXIM aims at presenting an entertaining and regionally relevant cross-section of fine contemporary US blues like it is blossoming on the fringes of the music industry. So get ready for exceptional talent from a multitude of blues regions. TALKING WITH THE BLUES is about the special qualities that can still turn this music into a way of life. Put together with expertise and thought, these compilations feature artists who disprove the prejudiced notion of blues as a music paralyzed by cliches. The blues is alive and well. Not only in Texas, Chicago or Mississippi but everywhere from Shreveport to Milwaukee, from San Diego to Jersey City. Welcome aboard. (

And here´s the Tennessee edition … oh yes … I love this good old fucking blues …

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01. Doug Davis Band: Down Don’t Bother Me (King) 3.51
02. Michael Henderson & The Bluebloods: Ramblin’ On My Mind (Johnson) 3.44
03. Tombstone Bullets feat. Jimmy Hall: Murdered By Love (Stone/Mealor/ Lamontagne) 4.11
04. Beat Daddys: Livin’ This Love (Mitchell/Vogelsang/Stillwell(Grisham) 4.00
05. Billy C. Farlow: A Little Meat On The Side (James) 3.15
06. Freddie & The Screamers: Full Moon On Main Street (James) 5.40
07. Hypnotics: Womanizer (Fleming) 3.37
08. Zip Gibson: Smoking Hookah Blues (Gibson) 3.57
09. Toler Brothers: Goin’ Down Slow (Dupree) 7.09
10. Bleu Jackson: Lightning (Jackson/James) 3.56
11. Bleu Jackson: You Left Your Mark On Me (Jackson/James) 3.36
12. Jim Liban: Skin Hunger (Liban) 4.49
13. Mojo Men: Midnight Drag (Jackson) 3.18
14. Homesick James: 12 Year Old Boy (London) 8.22
15. Steddy Eddy: Blue Train (Hinton/Relleva) 4.32



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