James Gang – Live In Concert (1971)

frontcover1Live in Concert is a live album by the James Gang, released in September 1971. It contains highlights of performances at Carnegie Hall, New York City. This album is the last James Gang release to feature Joe Walsh as guitarist and vocalist and Bill Szymczyk as producer and engineer.

lewine wrote the album “Live in Concert captures much of the energy of their live performances, with Joe Walsh’s guitar solos catching fire on nearly every song. However, the record also makes it clear that he was beginning to outgrow the confines of the James Gang…” (by wikipedia)
Amazing that only three musicians could make music that sounds this good and this full. Honestly, where were they hiding that fourth member?! Actually, that’s the amazing Joe Walsh doubling up on guitar AND keyboards. Man, he’s even more talented than I had thought. Plus, you have those distinctive vocals of his. The total package. I have to admit that I’ve been a fan of Joe Walsh and The James Gang for many, many years, but until earlier this year I had never thought to listen to this outstanding live album. Why didn’t anyone tell me!?  This rocks and rolls and kicks and wails from start to finish. As another reviewer asked; where is the expanded version of this concert? There certainly HAS to be more in vaults where this splendid set came from. (Donald E. Gilliland)

Be sure: the complete show will be a part of this blog … very soon …  !


Jim Fox (drums, vocals, percussion, guitar)
Dale Peters (bass, vocals, percussion)
Joe Walsh (vocals, guitar, organ)


01. Stop (Ragovoy/Shuman) 4.05
02. You’re Gonna Need Me (King) 7.30
03. Take A Look Around (Walsh) 3.50
04. Tend My Garden (Walsh) 3.45
05. Ashes, The Rain And I (Peters/Walsh) 2.40
06. Walk Away (Walsh) 3.30
07. Lost Woman (Beck/Dreja/McCarty/Relf/Samwell-Smith) 18.20