Skip James- Devil Got My Woman (1968)

SkipJamesDevilFCSkip James made his original reputation with 17 recordings that he cut during February 1931, when he was 28. Although fluent on both the guitar and (to a lesser extent) the piano, James was most notable for his storytelling lyrics, his haunting high-pitched voice, and his distinctive interpretations of the Delta blues.

James was rediscovered 33 years after his early recordings, in time to appear at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival. He was quite active during 1964-1966, making the music on this solo CD (his last record) three years before his death in 1969.

One can easily hear the influence that Skip James’ music had on the then flourishing folk music movement, and he still sang his country blues with great intensity.

Skip James (guitar, vocals, piano)

01. Good Road Camp Blues (James) 3.47
02. Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues (James) 3.20
03. Devil Got My Woman (James) 5.10
04. Look At The People Standing At The Judgement (James) 2.58
05. Worried Blues (James) 5.55
06. 22-20 Blues (James/Johnson) 3.50
07. Mistreating Child Blues (James) 3.54
08. Sickbed Blues (James) 4.05
09. Catfish Blues (James) 4.35
10. Lorenzo Blues (James) 4.17
11. Careless Love (Handy/Koenig/Williams) 3.59
12. Illnois Blues (James) 3.15