Jay And The Americans – Sands Of Time (1969)


Johnny Rivers’ mid-’60s hits may have set in motion the rock & roll revivalism that culminated in Grease and Sha-Na-Na in the ’70s, but Jay and the Americans did their part, too, beginning with the 1968 LP Sands of Time. Covering a dozen doo wop singles from the group’s own days as street corner singers, Sands of Time updates the material with prominent drums, busy electric bass, and occasional modern-sounding electric guitar solos. It would be impossible to mistake these performances for the originals, informed as they are by the folk-rock vocal groups of the late ’60s. The lead-off track, “This Magic Moment,” became a million-seller and the group’s first Top Ten hit in over three years, which gave them sufficient encouragement to stick with their new oldies rock & roll format for a while. “When You Dance” and “Hushabye” became minor hits, and the closing track, “Goodnight My Love,” begins with an Alan Freed aircheck, capping an entertaining and paradoxically forward-looking bit of nostalgia. (by Greg Adams)

David “Jay” Black (vocals)
Sandy Deanne (vocals)
Marty Sanders (vocals, guitar)
Kenny Vance (vocals, guitar)
Buzz Brauner (drums)
Bill Colby (bass)
John Discepolo (drums)
Bernie Glow (trumpet)
Paul Griffin (keyboards, cello)
Tommy Kaye (guitar, keyboards, cello)
Ken Laguna (keyboards, cello)
Paul Neumann (guitar)
Benny Powell (trombone)
Seldon Powell (saxophone)
Mike Ratti (drums)
Bobby Rizzo (bass)
Sally Rosoff (cello)
Marty Sanders (guitar)
Magic Murray Shiffrin (guitar)
Earl Williams (drums)
Sandy Yaguda (drums)

01. This Magic Moment (Pomus/Shuman) 2.50
02. Pledging My Love (Robey/Washington) 2.45
03. Can’t We Be Sweethearts (Cox/Levy) 2.32
04. My Prayer (Boulanger/Kennedy) 2.
05. Much In Love (Jackson III/Williams/Straigis) 2.23
06. Since I Don’t Have You (Vogel/Beaumont/Rock/Taylor/Verscharen/Martin/Lester) 4.20
07. Gypsy Woman (Mayfield) 3.15
08. Hushabye (Pomus/Shuman) 2.57
09. When You Dance (Jones) 2.52
10. Life Is But A Dream (H.Weiss/Cita/S. Weiss)
11. Mean Woman Blues (Demetruis) 3.00
12. Goodnight My Love (Motola/Marascalco) 2.38