Various Artists – Simply Smooth Jazz – Essentail Smooth Jazz (Disc 04) (2004)

FrontCover1Smooth jazz is a genre of music that grew out of jazz fusion and is influenced by jazz, R&B, funk, rock, and pop music styles (separately, or, in any combination).

Modern derivatives of the genre include the more-recent New Adult Contemporary format of broadcast radio. “Smooth jazz” has been successful as a radio format; however, in 2007, the popularity of the format began to slide. Consequently, it was abandoned by several high-profile radio stations across the U.S.A., perhaps most notably by WQCD (now WFAN-FM) in New York, WJJZ in Philadelphia (now WISX), and KKSF (now KOSF) in San Francisco. Many industry insiders have SmoothJazz02speculated that the smooth jazz format may die out, particularly with many of industry giant Clear Channel Communications’ stations dropping the genre. Critics of the company, however, blame Clear Channel for the format’s decline, citing too much repetition of a sharply-reduced number of tracks on Clear Channel-owned stations that alienated many listeners. Despite the format’s demise on commercial radio, a growing number of non-commercial stations have taken up the music. In addition, smooth jazz concerts, recording sales—as well as increased smooth jazz offerings on the Internet—continue to show strong fan support for the genre.

SmoothJazz01And this is just another compilation album full with fine smooth jazz tracks … Lay back and enjoy as I do ! And read the booklets with some very interesting informations about the history of smooth jazz !

01. Clare Teal: Miss Otis Regrets (1934) (Porter) 4.07
02. Miles Tone: If You Don’t Know Me By Now (1973) (Gamble/Huff) 3.21
03. Michel Simone: What A Difference A Day Makes (1975) (Grever/Adams) 5.11
04. Kymaera: Chuck E’s In Love () (Jones) 3.37
05. Jazz Culture: Take Five (1961) (Desmond) 3.17
06. Jazz Culture: Talking In Your Sleep (1978) (Cook/Wood) 3.07
07. Kymaera: California dreamin’ (2002) (Phillips) 3.12
08. Michel Simone: Closest Thing To Crazy (2004) (Batt) 4.25
09. Miles Tone: Satin Doll (2002) (Ellington/Strayhorn/Mercer) 4.13
10. Nyte Vision: Three Times A Lady (1969) (Richie) 3.32
11. Kymaera: Lowdown (1977) (Scaggs/Paich) 4.30
12. Jazz Culture: I’m Beginning To See The Light (James/Ellington/Hodges/George) 3.44
13. Kymaera: Livin’ On The Fault Line (1977) (Simmons) 4.43
14. Miles Tone: Holding Back The Years (1986) (Hucknall/Moss) 3.53