Wes Jeans – Hands On (2000)

WesJeansHandsOnFCWes Jeans ia a young blues rocker from Texas who wisely recruited Al Green’s bass player and drummer, John Williams and Lloyd Anderson as well as Albert King’s former B3 player, Greg Redding to perform on this debut album.

From the opening number it is obvious that Jeans was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix as well as by fellow Texans, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie King. Each track mixes raw, highly energetic texas blues with Hendrix’s style rock and a little memphis funk. In addition to his fine guitar playing, Jeans offers some able smokey and throaty vocals beyond his young age.

There are a couple of rough spots on the album which are only noticable when comparing a particular tune with the same tune performed by a more seasoned artist. For example, compare “Drownin’ on Dry Land” with the version performed by either Tab Benoit on the album Nice & Warm or Albert King on the Hard Bargain album. Both men perform their guitar solos and vocals appreciably smoother than Jeans.(by deepbluereview)

This album was recorded at the Sam Phillips Recording Studios, Memphisn TN

Llyod Anderson (drums)
Wes Jeans (guitar, vocals)
John Williams(bass)
Chucki Burke (drums)
John Jaworowicz (bass)
Greg Reding (organ)

01. Tell (Nadeau) 3.22
02. Ridin´ In The Moonlight (Burnett) 3.42
03. Now You Look At Me (Jeans) 2.24
04. Use What You Got 6.18
05. I´m A Good Man (Wilson) 5.24
06. Don´t Be Hip (Johnson) 4.23
07. Hands On (LeBlanc) 3.57
08. Too Late (Jeans) 3.12
09. Drownin´ On Dry Land (Gregory/Jones) 5.49
10. Victim Of The Game (Jeans) 3.54
11. Stratus (Cobham) 5.20