Joan Jett – Bad Reputation (1981)

FrontCover1Recorded before Jett formed The Blackhearts, the majority of the album features Jett backed by members of the Roll-Ups, with Lea Hart on guitar, Jeff Peters on bass and Paul Simmons on drums. Other tracks include well known musicians, such as the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Paul Cook, Blondie’s Clem Burke and Frank Infante.

After independently recording the album with producer Kenny Laguna, Jett took the record to a number of major record labels, all of which were uninterested in releasing the project. Rather than continue to hunt for a willing label, Laguna and Jett decided to fund the pressing of the album themselves. The original, self-released, version of the album was simply titled Joan Jett and was sold directly to concert-goers and record stores out of Laguna’s trunk.

The album sold relatively well, prompting its re-release a year later as Bad Reputation on Boardwalk Records, with identical tracklisting. Jett said that the new title referred to the bad reputation that she had as a former member of the Runaways.

When the album’s European rights were secured through Ariola Records, “Hanky Panky” replaced “Wooly Bully” as the final song on Side 2. When the record was issued through Boardwalk in the US under the title “Bad Reputation”, the label stuck with “Wooly Bully” as the final track, making the “Hanky Panky” import version a real collector’s item. However, the song was later included as a bonus track on CD re-releases.

Rolling Stone magazine named the album No. 36 on their ’50 Coolest Albums of all Time’ List in 2005. The original Australian release featured a completely different cover and “Hanky Panky” replaced “Shout”. “Do You Wanna Touch Me” was also a huge hit in Australia when it was released hot on the heels of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Crimson and Clover” from Jett’s 1982 album. In 1999, the album was again re-issued, this time on CD with several bonus tracks and a remastered version of the original album. (by wikipedia)

 BackCover1Joan Jett’s debut album is an infectious romp through her influences, ranging from classic ’50s and ’60s rock & roll through glam rock, three-chord loud’n’fast Ramones punk, and poppier new wave guitar rock. Half the songs on the original album (not counting bonus tracks on the remastered reissue) are covers, but whether it’s Lesley Gore’s feminist girl-group anthem “You Don’t Own Me” (featuring the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Paul Cook) or a roaring version of Gary Glitter’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah),” Jett makes them all work. The production can be a little weak in spots, but Jett’s exuberance and tough-girl attitude overcome most deficiencies. Plus, the title track is a classic. (by Steve Huey)

Richard d’Andrea (bass)
Jeff Bannister (piano)
Clem Burke (drums)
Buzz Chanter (guitar)
Paul Cook (drums)
Ritchie Cordell (sound effects)
Lee Crystal (drums)
Johnny Earle (saxophone)
Mick Eve (saxophone)
Commander Goonwaddle (tubular bells)
Micky Groome (bass)
Lea Hart (guitars, vocals)
Frank Infante (guitar)
Joan Jett (guitars, vocals)
Steve Jones (bass, guitar)
Kenny Laguna (keyboards, tambourine, vocals, clavinet)
Lou Maxfield (guitar)
Jeff Peters – bass, vocals
Paul Simmons (drums, vocals)
Joel Turrisi (drums)
Sean Tyla (guitar)
Martyn Watson (vocals)

01. Bad Reputation (Jett/Cordell/Laguna/Kupersmith) 2.50
02. Make Believe (Levine/Gentry) 3.11
03. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Jett/Cordell/Laguna) 3.45
04. You Don’t Own Me (Madara/Tricker) 3.27
05. Too Bad On Your Birthday (Karp/Resnick) 2.58
06. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) (Glitter/Leander) 3.49
07. Let Me Go (Jett/Cordell/Laguna) 2.42
08. Doing All Right With The Boys (Glitter/Leander) 3.38
09. Shout (O.Isley/R.Isley/R.Isley) 2.48
10. Jezebel (Jett/Laguna) 3.28
11. Don’t Abuse Me (Jett) 3.38
12. Wooly Bully (Samudio) 2.19
13. Call Me Lightning (Townshend) 2.25
14. Hanky Panky (Greenwich/Barry) 3.31
15. Summertime Blues (Cochran/Capeheart) 2.23
16. What Can I Do for You? (Laguna) 2.14