Various Artists – Percussion For Playboys (early 60´s)

frontcoveromega1A real strange LP …:

It starts with “Sports Car Races ” and you´ll hear the sounds of the motors of (Sport) cars …

And then you´ll hear a couple of unknown jazz bands like the Dick Marx Quintet … The Bay Big Band … The Frank Comstock Orchestra … and much more.

This one looks like it was released in… oh, say 1960/61. The LP is a compilation of whatever Omega had on the shelf at the moment… including several weird tracks that include a sound effects track from an automobile race and the track titled A Visit To A Hindu Monastery (that I tacked onto the sample track above)! There are no artist credits and there is precious little “percussion” on the album. Actually this is more of a “jazz” album. Omega slapped the provocative title and cheesecake photo on the cover and they were good to go. (by artworkbymanicmark.blogspot)

This is a sort of compilation from Omega record which is triply “lost” – it’s a long forgotten Album  on a long forgotten label  …

It´s jazz, it´s easy listening, it´s  a real strange Album and … it´s beautiful !

The UK version of the US compilation titled “Bedside Companion For Playboys”

This entry is dedicated to all the unknowns muscians from this golden era of Jazz !


01. Sports Car Races 1.51
02. Dick Marx Quintet:  Mickey Mouse Theme (Dodd) 2.37
03. Andre Montero: Take The “A” Train (Strayhorn) 3.47
04. Inez Jones with The Oscar Moore Quintet: Dancing On The Ceiling (Rodgers/Hart) 1:55
05. The Hi-Lo’s with The Frank Comstock Orchestra: Island Of Desire (Meyer/Jones) 2.39
06. The Lighthouse All-Stars: Coop Salutes (Cooper) 5.43
07. Los Gatos Ritmos: Return To Paradise (Tiomkin/Washington) 2.14
08. The Bay Big Band:  Latin Heat (Bolero) (Ravel) 3.22
09. Ernestine Anderson with Dick Marx Quintet Limehouse: Limehouse Blues (Farber/Braham)  4.18
10. Brussels World’s Fair Orchestra:  Laura (Raksin/Mercer 3.50
11. The Bay Big Band: Daybreak (Grafe) 2.25
12. Oscar Moore + Leroy Vinnegar: Angel Eyes (Dennis/Brent) 2.25
13. The John Evans Group:  It Ain’t Necessarily So (Gershwin) 3.46
14, A Visit To A Hindu Monastery 0.37