Eva Klein – Nothing To Add (2014)

FrontCover1Eva Klein is a very young singer/songwriter from Munich/Germany. And this is her debut album:

“Nothing to Add” offers its listeners classical singer/songwriter artistry, flavoured with a taste of folk and jazz, the hand-crafted ensemble transposed in minimalistically arranged music and pure analogue sound. The 14 tracks of her first solo album reveal an authentic and impassioned journey through the artist’s emotional world. In turns sad, ironic, cheeky or melancholic, the album is always honest with vivid lyrics that demand to be listened to.

At the same time the creative arrangements for the album are running at full speed. The process is fulfilling and exhausting at the same time – it’s never been more exciting. (Eva Klein)


This is a very fine debut (with excellent guitar solos by Tim Turusov !) and I hope, that we can hear more of these folky tunes from Germany- Long live the singer/singwriter tradition !

Eva Klein (guitar, vocals)
Flo Streitwieser (bass)
Tim Turusov (guitar)

01. This Is Home 4.03
02. Love Is A Demon 3.06
03. The Moment I‘m Thinking Of You 3.50
04. I Was Wrong 3.52
05. The Baltic Sea 4.49
06. All That Matters 4.10
07. You Made It Real 3.36
08. Look Around You 2.46
09. Salt 3.50
10. When Will I Find 3.39
11. Kiss Again 5.04
12. Jailor 4.49
13. Twenty-Nine 4.20
14. No One 4.04

All songs are written by Eva Klein