Kornet – Same (1975)

FrontCover1KORNET was a jazz-rock group formed at Framnäs college in Öjebyn by guitarist Stefan BJORKLUND, drummer Ake SUNDQVIST, and keyboardist Stefan NILSSON in 1974. They were joined by Anders JONSSON on Vibes, bassist Sten FORSMAN and a large ensemble including brass, woodwinds and strings. Their sought-after debut LP ‘Kornet’ was released in 1975 on Manifest. The collective went on to release two more albums during their heyday, ‘Fritt Fall’ in 1977 [also on Manifest] and ‘Kornet III’ in ’79 on PickUp Records. (by progarchives.com)

Very good Jazz Rock band from Ojebyn,Sweden,formed in 1974,which released 3 LP’s between 1975 and 1979.All members had a good background mostly in pop music,until they got tired and decided to choose a more demanding music path.This decision led them to the release of their self-titled debut in 1975,which is their strongest effort for many Prog/Jazz Rock collectors.The band consisted of Stefan Nillson on piano/synths, Stefan Björklund on guitars, Sten Forsman on bass/cello, Allan Lundström on saxes, Åke Sundqvist on drums/percussions/vibraphone and Johan Engström on flutes/acoustic guitars.

The tracks can be split in three categories: These into fast and furious grooves with great guitar solos and powerful interplays,these into flute-driven calm jazzy prog with a slight Canterbury feeling,while the third category includes compositions in a Free Jazz from,dominated by improvisational saxes and nice work on bass/contrabass by Forsman.All of them are of very high quality without exception,which shows the band great talent and perfect collaboration.I can also make an honourable reference to the awesome electric piano work of Stefan Nillson,who also had an underground personal career in the 80’s,releasing 3 personal LP’S.Very decent work,highly recommended to Jazz Rock lovers. (by apps79)


Stefan Björklund (guitar)
Johan Engström (flute)
Sten Forsman (bass, cello on 04.)
Allan Lundström (saxophone)
Stefan Nilsson (piano, synthesizer)
Åke Sundqvist (drums, percussion, french horn on 03., vibraphone 0n 04.)
Johan Engström (guitar on 04.)
Anders Jonsson (xycolophone, percussion 0n 04.)
Jan Skoglund (bassoon on 04.)

01. Skriket Från Vildmarken (Björklund) 3.08
02. Sju Hungriga År (Nilsson) 4.45
03.  Jojk (Traditional) 0.45
04. Friska Fläktar (Nilsson) 5.06
05. Frunk (Sundqvist) 3.35
06. Intrude, Tretaktar’n (Nilsson) 7.06
07. Pygges Blues (Björklund) 3.43
08. Musik Ur Filmen ‘Adams Födelse’ (Jonsson) 3.32