Various Artists – Magic Moments 6 – In The Spirit Of Jazz (2013)

FrontCover1Some Informations about the legendary ACT Label from Germany:

“After nearly twenty years as a top executive for Warner International, I finally decided to realise my biggest ambition of all – to form my own record company recording the kind of music I loved – jazz!” With this statement, Siggi Loch ended his high-flying career as an executive within the international music business, and started again as boss of an independent record label. At the age of fifty it was a major mid-life career change, but with the launch of the ACT label it was the realisation of a dream that had taken him into the music business in the first place.

The establishment of ACT took place at a time when the internet was beginning to take-off. In the subsequent decades the international music business would be eroded by CD burning and later illegal downloading, and the market would shrink by half. In contrast to this trend, ACT has become one the most ”most critically acclaimed and internationally respected independents of the current era“ (Jazzwise).

More than twenty years later, the project that started in 1992 is a huge success story: “Music for people with open ears and an open mind,” says Siggi Loch and with this guiding principle in place, he set off on his chosen path. The beginning was a truly an adventure, as working with innovative and unconventional music is always a challenge and of course a big financial risk. But it is only when artists and listeners are open to new sounds that ‘magic moments’ are born, of which there are many in the twenty years of ACT history with artists like Nguyên Lê, Esbjörn Svensson, Nils Landgren, Michael Wollny, Viktoria Tolstoy, Lars Danielsson, Wolfgang Haffner and Youn Sun Nah inspiring and changing the music world. Twenty years of magic musical moments across more than 350 releases. Twenty years in which European jazz became a major force in the world of music, with the ACT label playing a major part in this process. And twenty years in which ACT also became one of the most popular European jazz labels, which the people’s choice award for Jazz Label Of The Year at the German ECHO Award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 proves. (Sigi Loch, ACT Records)


Manu Katché + Sigi Loch, 2014

The 6. edition of the popular Magic Moments series by Germany’s jazz label of the year 2010-2012 (ECHO award). In 2013 again under the motto “In the Spirit of Jazz”:Music far from fixed styles. Sometimes more, sometimes less jazzy. Between the genres, whether classical music, rock or pop. On the pulse of time and beyond. With established ACT stars and promising newcomers. Music for open ears, for the mind and soul. And for everyone who loves good music.

01. Bugge Wesseltoft & Henning Kraggerud: Margit Hjukse (Traditional) 3.19
02. Jacob Karlzon: Fool´s Gold (Karlzon) 3.44
03. Youn Sun Nah: Lament (Nah) 3.39
04. Wolfgang Haffner: Melodia Del Viento (Haffner) 4.11
05. Vincent Peirani, Michael Wollny & Michel Benita: Waltz For Jb (Mehldau) 5.33
06. Adam Baldych & The Baltic Gang: The Room of Imagination (Baldych) 6.28
07. Torsten Goods: Someone Like You (Adkins) 5.04
08. Dieter Ilg, Rainer Böhm & Patrice Heral: Glocken (Wagner) 3.49
09. Christian Muthspiel: Tears of Love (Muthspiel) 4.10
10. Céline Bonacina: Bayrum (Bonacina) 4.08
11. Cæcilie Norby: Stepping Stone (Booker/Duffy) 3.30
12. Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic: Troubadour (Paier) 3.36
13. Arne Jansen: The Great He Goat (Jansen) 2.52
14. Morten Qvenild: Birch Song (Qvenild) 4.41
15. Iiro Rantala & Leszek Mozdzer: Suffering (Danielsson) 6.32
16. Radio String Quartet: Volcano for Hire (Zawinul) 5.16