Embryo – Bremen (1971)

EmbryoBremenFCThis is an excellent early live recording from this group, done around the time of its second album, Embryo’s Rache, and with all tracks taken from that record.

Its a fascinating juxtaposition between the psychedelic jazz-rock of early embryonic Embryo and the embrace of ethnic music from around the world that characterized subsequent Embryo projects. It starts off with some tribal drumming, and moves onward into complex rhythms and lots of sax and flute solos and even a violin here and there.

Because of Embryo’s ever-changing roster, the lineup includes only three of seven musicians from Embryo’s Rache, recorded in the same year as Bremen 1971, and with no keyboards, the dynamics of the live versions of the pieces are quite different. The first three cuts, each about ten minutes in length, segue seamlessly together without a pause, while the politically charged “Spain Yes” is now expanded to nearly half an hour.

With some odd vocal chanting on “Time” and lots of high-energy jazz-funk grooves throughout, Embryo’s performance is quite inspiring. (by Rolf Semprebon)

Christian Burchard (drums)
Hansi Fischer (flute)
Ralph Fischer (bass)
Edgar Hofmann (saxophone, violin)
Al Jones (guitar)

01. Try To Be (Burchard) 10.34
02. Time (Burchard) 10.09
03. Tausendfüssler (H.Fischer) 9.20
04. Spain Yes, Franco Finished (Burchard) 26.26