Various Artists – Café de Paris – 40 Classic French Café Songs (2014)

FrontCover140 essentialrecordings evoking the charm of Paris´ café s and boulevards.

Over two hours of timeless songs and classic instrumentals featuring Maurice Chavalier, Edith Piaf, Tino Rossi, Jean Sablon, Juliette Gréco, Josephine Baker, Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and more …

A marvellous compendium of classic French recordings. I admit to being obsessed with France, its’ culture and its’ history. This set has been “played to death” since it arrived. I challenge any lover of France and French life to listen to this in the garden on a warm summer evening with some wine and cheese, and for them to not be mentally transported to a culture and way of life so different to the UK. (by Gremlin)

But: I have to dedicate this entry to all the victims of the terror attack yesterday on Friday, the 13th.

TerrorInParis02Let´s listen to this music as a sign of hope I know I´m a dreamer, but I´m not the only one


CD 1:
01. Charles Trenet: Boum! (Trenet/Breton) 2.34
02. Édith Piaf: L’Accordéoniste (Emer) 3.15
03. L’Accordéoniste: Under The Bridges Of Paris (Scotto/Coulon/Marcuse) 2.25
04. Maurice Chevalier: Dites-Moi ma mère (Yvain/Willemetz) 3.08
05. Café accordien du Paris: Pigalle (Ulmer/Luypaerts/Koger) 3.18
06. Juliette Gréco: Accordeon (Gainsbourg) 2.22
07. Josephine Baker: Chiquita madame (Misraki/Barro) 2.47
08. Charles Trenet: Douce France (Trenet) 3.10
09. Jean Sablon feat. Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli: Un amour comme le nôtre (Borel/Clerc) 3.06
10. Josephine Baker: De temps en temps (Homez/Misraki) 3.21
11. Tino Rossi: Guitare D’amour (Schmidseder/Potérat) 3.10
12. Juliette Gréco: Guinguettes (Stern/Bacri) 2.49
13. Frederic Lombert: Gigi (Lerner/Loewe) 2.51
14. Daniel Deauville: I Love Paris (Porter) 2.37
15. Charles Trenet: Le grand café (Trenet) 2.12
16. Édith Piaf: Les mômes de la cloche (Scotto/Decaye/Fortin) 3.21
17. L’Accordéoniste: C’est Magnifique (Porter) 2.14
18. Jean Sablon feat. Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli: Cette chanson est pour vous (Life is a song) (Ahlert/Young/Varna/Cabridens) 3.11
19. Tino Rossi: J’attendrai (Olivieri/Rastelli/Potérat) 2.51
20. Josephine Baker: Besame mucho (Rivera) 3.21

CD 2:
21. Maurice Chevalier: Mimi (Rodgers/Hart) 2.24
22. Nathalie et Guillaume: Je t’aime (Gainsbourg) 5.01
23. Charles Trenet: La mer (Trenet/Lasry) 3.23
24. Édith Piaf: Elle a dit (Becaud/Piaf) 3.50
25. Orchestre Cinema: The Summer Knows (Legrand) 3.41
26. Juliette Gréco: La chanson de Margaret (Verschueren/Dumarchey) 4.43
27. Maurice Chevalier: Ah si vous connaissiez ma poule (Willemetz/Toche/Borel-Clerc) 3.21
28. Josephine Baker: Les mots d’amour (Borel-Clerc) 2.52
29. Charles Trenet: Verlaine (Trenet/Verlaine) 3.24
30. Édith Piaf: Chante moi (Chauvigny/Piaf) 3.22
31. S B Playes: Petite Fleur (Bechet) 3.42
32. Tino Rossi: Tant qu’il y aura des etoiles (Scotto/Hornez/Vendresse) 3.06
33. Maurice Chevalier: La choupetta (Paiva/Jararaca/Battaille) 2.54
34. Jean Sablon feat. Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli: Prenez garde au grand méchant loup! (Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?) (Churchill/Ronell) 2.37
35. Josephine Baker: Si J’étais blanche (Lelievre/Varna/Falk) 2.44
36. Luc Montrose: Love Is Blue (Popp/Cour) 2.45
37. Paris Express: Chanson D’amour (Shanklin) 2.46
38. Juliette Gréco: Java Partour (Ferre) 2.59
39. Maurice Chevalier: Oui papa (Everybody loves my girl) (Abrahams/Young/Lewis) 2.10
40. Jean Sablon: Rythme du bal continental (The Continental) (Conrad/Magidson) 3.02


“Once again we’ve seen an outrageous attack to terrorize innocent civlians,” Obama said, adding that it is an “attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.”