Lava – Tears Are Goin‘ Home (1973)

FrontCover1Unfortunately, not much is known about this band, but somehow they made an impression.

The first and only album “Tears Are Going Home” by the Berlin commune Lava, released in 1973 on the Brain label, was a style mix of Krautrock, Spacerock and psychedelic folk.

The song “Holy Fool” is a beautiful psychedelic ballad. On the other hand, the song “Tears Are Going Home” is a space rock killer track in the best Hawkwind tradition. (press release)


There are many German bands from the early part of the seventies that could be described as either Heavy-Prog or Krautrock and in my experience it’s been a hit and miss affair. I just never know until I can hear the whole album over time to give a proper evaluation. LAVA released this one record in 1973 and Conny Plank produced and engineered it. He also plays a guitar solo on the track “Would Be Better You Run”. This is a melancholic album with a vocalist that reminds me of CAN’s Malcom Moody although the drummer sings on one track and sounds nothing like that. Three of the six band members are multi-instrumentalists as well.

Liner Notes1

“Tears Are Goin’ Home” opens with distorted guitars then it kicks in to an uptempo rocker with vocals sounding very much like HAWKWIND. Spoken words after 2 1/2 minutes as it settles back briefly then away we go again. “Crimes Of Love” is my favourite. The drummer sings and we get a laid back sound with a beat and floating organ. Flute before 3 minutes as that underlying power that is just below the surface bubbles up. It never bursts forth though. Amazing tune ! “Would Be Better You Run” has strummed guitar and vocals standing out. A catchy tune that is folky. “All My Love To You” is where we get a CAN vibe because of the groove and vocals. They repeat the title of this song a lot.

Liner Notes2

“(I’m Just A) Mad Dog” is where the guitarist plays bass and the bass player offers up a guitar solo. Go figure ? Intricate sounds with not much going on really until before 2 minutes when almost spoken vocals come in. It picks up after 3 minutes. CAN comes to mind with that groove and we get harmonica too. Excellent track. “Holy Fool” is a melancholic song that has strummed guitar and reserved vocals. “Pice Of Peace” is the over 10 minute closer and my second favourite. Relaxed piano to open as cymbals and bass join in. Drums follow. The electric guitar is laid back after 3 1/2 minutes as the beat, bass and piano continue. A melancholic jam. More energy 7 1/2 minutes in then it settles right down a minute later to the end. (by Mellotron Storm)


Thomas Karrenbach (keyboards, vocals)
Jürgen Kraaz (guitar, flute, background vocals)
Peter Moses (percussion)
Christian Ostertag (bass, background vocals)
Stefan Ostertag (guitar, vocals)
Archer Weaver (drums, harmonica, jew´s harp, background vocals)
Conny Plank (guitar on 03.)


01. Tears Are Goin‘ Home 4:23
02. Crimes Of Love 6:48
03. Would Be Better You Run 5:19
04. All My Love To You 4:20
05. (I’m Just A) Mad Dog 6:00
06. Holy Fool 5:17
07, Piece Of Peace 10:08

All songs written by Thomas Karrenbach & Stefan Ostertag