Viktor Lazlo – She (1985)

frontcover1Viktor Lazlo (real name: Sonia Dronier, born 7 October 1960 in Lorient, France) is a French-Belgian singer of Grenadian and Martiniquan descent. She studied in Belgium, where she is primarily known. Her biggest hit was “Breathless” in 1987. That year she also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 1987 held in Brussels.

Dronier took her stage name from Paul Henreid’s character Victor Laszlo in the 1942 film Casablanca. She sings in French, English, Spanish and German.

She is the first studio album by French-Belgian singer Viktor Lazlo.

The album consists of several original jazz pop compositions and includes two cover versions, the first one being Rita Hayworth’s Put the Blame on Mame and a French version of the Julie London song Cry Me a River, entitled Pleurer Des Rivieres. The song was successful on the French single charts peaking at No. 27.

viktorlazlo02Seven songs were eventually released as a single off the album: Backdoorman, Last Call For An Angel, Loser and Sweet, Soft’N’Lazy, which although it never charted anywhere became quite successful.

Another single, Canoë Rose, however was successful in Belgium, peaking at No. 33 on the single charts, and in France, peaking at No. 14.[1] The song Slow Motion was later added to the CD version of the album and released as a single too, but was not included on the original album.

The album became an overnight success, and fell just short of platinum in Belgium, where it was released as a Mini LP. It went on to sell over 100,000 copies in Germany and 60,000 in Japan.


Lazlo presented songs off this album on various TV shows, such as the single Loser on the Michael Schanze Show in September 1986.(by wikipedia)
I first became aware of this incredible performer in the late 80s when I was spending a considerable amount of time in Brussels. I speak both English and French so her songs in either language had a lot of meaning for me. Over the years I had lost this CD. I was so happy to find it here. It brings back many good memories of Bruxelles and my friends there. A great jazz sound. (dcbart)

I first heard this belgium band while in Switzerland, in the 1980s. The vocalist here is in some ways easier on the ears than even the great Sade Adu. I loved this collection- and will recommend it as all time winner for those enjoying romantic lounge jazz. (Mark Hollenstein)


C. Bofane (saxophone)
G. Cadiere (saxophone)
Michel Delory (guitar)
P. van den Driesche (saxophone)
Genael (keyboards)
Steve Houben (saxophone)
Pietro Lacirignola (saxophone)
Viktor Lazlo (vocals)
Jean Pierre Onraedt (drums, percussion)
F. Philipot (bass)
Danny Willems (violine)


01. She (Cadiere) 1.36
02. Sweet, Soft N’ Lazy (Bofane/Cadiere/Lazlo) 5.20
03. Ain’t Gonna Come (Vandormaele/Lazlo) 4.00
04. Stories (Wady/Walravens/Lazlo) 4.40
05. Put The Blame On Mame  (Alan) 2.:47
06. I Don’t Wanna Love Again (Antioco/Philipo) 4.17
07. Pleurer Des Rivieres (Hamilton/Bergman) 3.42
08. Last Call For An Angel (Bergman/Roger) 3.36
09. Backdoorman (Chamfort/Bergman) 3.25
10. Loser (Roger/Lazlo) 3.30
11. Canoë Rose (french version of Stories) (Bergman/Walravens) 4.40
12. Slow Motion (Verheyen/Vandenheuvel) 4.22